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I recently moved into a place where there were two satellite dishes in the ground. Not being a television watcher, I'm not interested in installing anything or buying a service.

When I called Direct TV to ask them to remove both satellite dishes (one is Wild Blue, part of Direct TV), their answer: the dishes are probably out of date; after installation the dish belongs to the customer; Direct TV won't remove them; if I can find someone to remove them ($$?? - I can't), great.

In other words "Tough baloney on you unless you sign up for a package and owe us some money". But I'll do whatever I can to let others know that Direct TV's policy is certainly not customer-friendly!!

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Blossom, Texas, United States #804740

That's pretty much what they told me...since I'm living here it's mine to do with whatever I please and they aren't allowed to uninstall it...backspace delete that...if they can come install it why can't they remove it???

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