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Update by user Mar 30, 2016

Update, another number they gave and promo code when they actually call me back today to see if I was interested in the deal.

888-406-3801 promo code cxdtv87435

I had a specialist from Direct TV three-way call with me in to this number pressing option 2.

The audio has a DirecTV announcement however it's not the same as the main DirecTV's audio that place when you call them. The specialist acted like she was calling in for her mother, that she was offered a promotion and wanted to find out more information about it. The guy gave out all my information on my account including the equipment that I have in the packages I have. Now they're expecting people to get a prepaid Amazon card to pay off five months which comes to just under $300.

Actual total is 299. 95.

The specialist from DirecTV meet sure if this was reported to management. Mind you prior to talking with the specialist the agent from customer service had actually told me that the number I gave she spoke with her manager who had confirmed this is a third-party to DirecTV.

THIS IS NOT!!!! Had I believe this dumb agent who lied… I would've been out $300.

Thankfully I didn't trust this girl and was transferred to a specialist even though I profusely kept requesting to speak to her manager. She too has been reported and I'm sure she's going to be jobhunting !!!

And by the way I'm still waiting for my $150 gift card!

Original review posted by user Mar 10, 2016

Received a call with the Direct TV/Directv phone number on my caller ID. This is a SCAM.

They are spoofing/putting up a fake phone number to show on your caller ID(it shows Directv number it's not them!). IF you have Direct TV, they will offer you the full package with the sports package, all HD channels for 2 years at $59.99 a month, no contract, can cancel anytime, and you get a $100 Amazon Gift Card. You are told you have to pay 6 mo in advance now for this offer. I put the agent on hold, called Direct TV, Spoke with a Supervisor who guaranteed Direct TV will NEVER ask you to pay money in advance for any promotions.

They verified that this is a Scam.

The scam agent was foolish enough to give me a call back number in case we got disconnected - 888-488-7706 x1029 gave the name Daniel (He is from the Philippians), This is not Direct TV. This same number has been looped in with many other scams.

Review about: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Pricing.

I didn't like: When it rains you lose hd reception.

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Happened to me so urked how do i get my money back


How do we get our money back?


I got a similar call (9/26/2018) - some indian accent guy wanted me to pay with an eBay gift card calling 1.888.803.3175.


happening again just happened today, but they are saying EBAY gift card..


I got the same call yesterday, they wanted 300 for 6 months, and I was to call in with an ebay card, the number was ghosted to look like it came from Directv, I confirmed with Directv that there is no such promotion.


This just happened to me too!


Update on Directv Scammers Call today from 800-288-2020 Caller ID says A T & T (I confirmed that this number is an A T & T Number) Caller stated that they would reduce my Directv Bill to $69.99 per month. I needed to call 888-258-0681 by 9 pm with an Ebay Prepaid Gift Card for $350.00.

By doing so today I would receive a $150.00 gift card which would be sent to my service address. I asked them to confirm by Directv Account number and they were able to do so. They were even able to confirm my home address. This is quite disturbing.

As soon as I hung up I contacted Directv and confirmed that this was a scam and a detailed report was made. I added a password to my account. I would recommend that you do so also. I asked the representative how they could have gotten my information.

She stated possibly my paper bills. I do not receive paper bills. All is electronic so I believe they have been hacked.

From the comments online it looks like this has been going on for awhile. Just SAD!!!!!


I got this call today from DirecTV's number 1-800-531-5000. $360 Amazon Gift Card to cover 4 months at $89.99.

If I could call them back at 1-888-391-7563 before 9 pm, I would receive a $150 gift card in return and this rate for the next 2 years. They has also provided me with a promotion code.

Luckily after enough searching and many calls back with several questions I was able to verify this as a scam. I contact AT&T about this and they noted my account.


Thank you for the information. Now it is EBay instead of Amazon.

You just saved me from making a big mistake. Remember if it sounds to good to be true .....it is, They are ghosting Direct TV number!

to Patty Canatsey #1525015

My experience was basically the same but more money. I was told $89.99 for DirecTV Premier Package with Pay & Sports Channels and the scammer said I was to purchase an EBAY gift card for $360 for 4 months in advance. I was also told I'd get a $100 Visa gift card in 3 - 5 days sent UPS.My promo code was DTV1090 and the phone number to call back with the gift card # was 888-910-3772 Extension 1I hung up and immediately looked it up on Yahoo - and found this site.I am so glad I checked this out because I know DirecTV has offered promotions in the past - and they were legit.Scammers are getting more bold and savvier - we have to be more and more alert!


Just got a call today for the same "promotion " ... sounded too good to be true so I called Direct TV directly and they said it is not a true promotion of theirs.

Don't get scammed!!!! If something seems too good to be true these days, check it out for yourself!


Just received “The Call”.Too good to be true so I called Directv ans they confirmed it’s a scam. Directv has been hacked, like previous posts here, they had all my info.What bothers me more is Directv has not made this public.


Just received call today (showed coming from DirecTVs number 800-531-5000) telling me to call DirecT's billing department at 888-680-7949 - same deal as everyone's mentioning. At end, they said I needed to go purchase a $240 Amazon gift card and call back with the number, and then I'd get my $100 VISA gift card via UPS plus the $59.99/month for all channels, including movie and sports package for 2 years.

They had my account number, my cell number, my address - everything! Definitely a scam - can't believe they are still doing this 2 years after the original post!

to Kathy #1511026

Got the call and I believed! It was using an eBay gift card!

Im so mad I didn’t check it out more! Lost $300 but I’m more angry that I believed the crooks.My 88 yr old Dad has been scammed so many times that I watch his email daily and I should of known!!!


Thank goodness you all posted this scam! They are still at it.


Thanks for the heads up!!. I just the got the call and was almost scammed.

Luckily my senses kicked in and I called Direct TV. They talked a good game but couldn't fool me.


I have received this same call. They spoofed DirectTV's phone number!


I received a call today from AT&T / direct tv regarding a two-year deal offering all the premium channels and the Sunday NFL ticket all I had to do was pay two months in advance through a $300 eBay gift card. I called DirecTV the same number the scammers called me on to confirm they told me it was a scam.

I don't know how they're hacking into the 800 number but they are, because my phone rang as the correct # 800-531-5000 DirecTV. PLEASE BEWARE ITS A SCAM.


The deal they offered me was 62.50 for 2 years. pay 250.00 up front with an amazon gift card.

this would cover my at&t cell phones and direct tv for 2 years. new # 844-464-0754 then changed to 844-464-0752

to scott #1452187

We just got the same call, telling us to call the 844-464-0752 number with promo DTV26373. Went online and found this scam warning.

Wow. Unnerving that they have our info.

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