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Update by user Mar 30, 2016

Update, another number they gave and promo code when they actually call me back today to see if I was interested in the deal.

888-406-3801 promo code cxdtv87435

I had a specialist from Direct TV three-way call with me in to this number pressing option 2.

The audio has a DirecTV announcement however it's not the same as the main DirecTV's audio that place when you call them. The specialist acted like she was calling in for her mother, that she was offered a promotion and wanted to find out more information about it. The guy gave out all my information on my account including the equipment that I have in the packages I have. Now they're expecting people to get a prepaid Amazon card to pay off five months which comes to just under $300.

Actual total is 299. 95.

The specialist from DirecTV meet sure if this was reported to management. Mind you prior to talking with the specialist the agent from customer service had actually told me that the number I gave she spoke with her manager who had confirmed this is a third-party to DirecTV.

THIS IS NOT!!!! Had I believe this dumb agent who lied… I would've been out $300.

Thankfully I didn't trust this girl and was transferred to a specialist even though I profusely kept requesting to speak to her manager.She too has been reported and I'm sure she's going to be jobhunting !!!

And by the way I'm still waiting for my $150 gift card!

Original review posted by user Mar 10, 2016

Received a call with the Direct TV/Directv phone number on my caller ID.This is a SCAM.

They are spoofing/putting up a fake phone number to show on your caller ID(it shows Directv number it's not them!). IF you have Direct TV, they will offer you the full package with the sports package, all HD channels for 2 years at $59.99 a month, no contract, can cancel anytime, and you get a $100 Amazon Gift Card. You are told you have to pay 6 mo in advance now for this offer. I put the agent on hold, called Direct TV, Spoke with a Supervisor who guaranteed Direct TV will NEVER ask you to pay money in advance for any promotions.

They verified that this is a Scam.

The scam agent was foolish enough to give me a call back number in case we got disconnected - 888-488-7706 x1029 gave the name Daniel (He is from the Philippians), This is not Direct TV.This same number has been looped in with many other scams.

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I also got this call today.Went online to check it and found this link, I was suspicious because they said that I had to do it today before 9 pm (big red flag).

I called the number back and it was listed as Direct-TV and had their sound bite at the beginning.BEWARE: If it sounds too good to be true, it sure is.


Got this scam call today also.Don't be too ashamed if you for taken...I'm a PI and they has me listening to it for a while because they knew my name, my address, my account info.

The flag went up when they wanted prepay.

Someone has hacked their database.I'm concerned about my account information.


I just got called from the DirecTV phone number, 62.50 /24 months all premium channels.


Just got a call from these scammers 8005318000..I got 10 calls from them yesterday....Asked me if I could tell him much I was paying for my directv package offering me discounts..I said nope. Told him he was a scammer and all he could say was mam how could you say that :( ???? Well buddy I googled your number yesterday and he hung up rather quickly.


I was called today.Caller ID was DirecTV's 800-531-5000.

The real Directv said some how the Scammers have found a way to mark their Caller ID number with the real Directv 800#. I saved the 800# as SCAMDtv. Same story, had me go to Walgreens and purchase a $300 Amazon Gift card and call the 888-406-9849 ext 1 apply it to my Directv bill.

I decided to call the regular Directv number and found out this is a scam.

Still have my $300 Amazon Card. Will use it on Amazon. But, this is awful! The Directv rep was great.

She gave me discounts that brought my bill down 59.00 for 6 mos.

30 of that is for 12 mos.So, it wasn't a complete waste.

to SRams #1367481

Could be real Directtv employees trying to scam. They have all your account info and when you call back to the number they leased out no one at Directtv can know. Yes might very well be dishonest employees.

to Bob #1382412

We actually called the real directv number back and asked if this was a scam & we were told it was not. That it was a real promotion. We're dealing with them now to get it all worked out but I can't help but think employees had to have been in on it to tell us it was real...

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1347701

FYI, they are getting tricky.I just got the same call, exactly as stated.

Only now they explain that the reason they have you pre-pay with an Amazon Giftcard is because they have partnered with Amazon to "spread the word" about the Amazon gif card. HANG UP! I actually ordered the Amazon Giftcard and called Direct TV with the number I pulled from my bill, not the number they gave me on the phone.

Sure enough, a scam.Now, what to do with this *** giftcard...

Aubrey, Texas, United States #1347371

Just received a call from "Direct TV" for same offer.Phone number is from DIRECTV but they gave a different number to call back to "billing and promotions" department.

Similar deal, $240 on Amazon gift card for first four months then only 59.99 per month after that and I get a $100 Amazon gift card. Gave me promotion number DTV8457 and photo me number 888-282-0986 to call back. What a scam!! They clearly have access to DIRECTV account info which is VERY alarming that DIRECTV isn't in front of this.

Feel free to email me for more info DIRECTV!!qualcont2@gmail.com

Lewisville, Texas, United States #1342322

I just about lost $240 because of this.Thank god my husband was adamant that I researched more.

I had even already bought the amazon gift card. Called Amazon to cancel it.

They are awesome and will be calling the REAL DirecTV in the morning.My first time at being possibly scammed...never again.

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