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Update by user Mar 30, 2016

Update, another number they gave and promo code when they actually call me back today to see if I was interested in the deal.

888-406-3801 promo code cxdtv87435

I had a specialist from Direct TV three-way call with me in to this number pressing option 2.

The audio has a DirecTV announcement however it's not the same as the main DirecTV's audio that place when you call them. The specialist acted like she was calling in for her mother, that she was offered a promotion and wanted to find out more information about it. The guy gave out all my information on my account including the equipment that I have in the packages I have. Now they're expecting people to get a prepaid Amazon card to pay off five months which comes to just under $300.

Actual total is 299. 95.

The specialist from DirecTV meet sure if this was reported to management. Mind you prior to talking with the specialist the agent from customer service had actually told me that the number I gave she spoke with her manager who had confirmed this is a third-party to DirecTV.

THIS IS NOT!!!! Had I believe this dumb agent who lied… I would've been out $300.

Thankfully I didn't trust this girl and was transferred to a specialist even though I profusely kept requesting to speak to her manager. She too has been reported and I'm sure she's going to be jobhunting !!!

And by the way I'm still waiting for my $150 gift card!

Original review posted by user Mar 10, 2016

Received a call with the Direct TV/Directv phone number on my caller ID. This is a SCAM.

They are spoofing/putting up a fake phone number to show on your caller ID(it shows Directv number it's not them!). IF you have Direct TV, they will offer you the full package with the sports package, all HD channels for 2 years at $59.99 a month, no contract, can cancel anytime, and you get a $100 Amazon Gift Card. You are told you have to pay 6 mo in advance now for this offer. I put the agent on hold, called Direct TV, Spoke with a Supervisor who guaranteed Direct TV will NEVER ask you to pay money in advance for any promotions.

They verified that this is a Scam.

The scam agent was foolish enough to give me a call back number in case we got disconnected - 888-488-7706 x1029 gave the name Daniel (He is from the Philippians), This is not Direct TV. This same number has been looped in with many other scams.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Directv Pros: Pricing.

Directv Cons: When it rains you lose hd reception.

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Got a call also from 18772837583. Claiming best deal ever scam


Received a call like all the others. Pay large amount upfront And receive a monthly discounted rate for two years with no contract blah blah blah.

Also offered a $100 visa gift card. Totally sounded too good to be true while I was on with them I pulled this up and found all these comments. When I left at the guy and told him it was a scam he continued to argue with me asking if I believed the Internet. What a joke these clowns are.

And receive a monthly discounted rate for two years with no contract blah blah blah. Also offered a $100 visa gift card. Totally sounded too good to be true so while I was on with them I pulled this up and found all these comments. When I laughed at the guy and told him it was a scam he continued to argue with me asking if I believed the Internet.

What a joke these clowns are. What I would love to know is how did they know I’m a DIRECTV customer, and how did they have my name and address?


Today 4-24-2019 I received the same call from what sounded like a busy call center.. He identified himself as a promotions call center employee from ATT and ask if I had Direct tv ..

I said yes and then he goes on about a promotion that he has available for me. All I had to do was to purchase an Ebay gift card in the amount of $280 and he gave me a promotion code (DTV98547) and a direct phone number to ATT (1-888-684-0850) which when called sounds like ATT's chime, but very noisy in the background and it answered almost immediately.. Now I know that this is NOT really ATT.. lol This guy answered the phone and tells me the exact same thing the last guy did..

The proposed deal is that I buy an EBAY gift card for $280.00 and call the direct ATT (phony) phone number and with the given promotional code... they will except payment and I will receive 2 years of Direct tv service for $69.99 and all the premium channels. I asked how this can be and he went on about I was the 5% of the customers with higher than usual bill and that I had called to complain about the billing.. HA HA whatever!!

Also , If I would hurry and do this by 10:00pm tonight I would receive an additional $100.00 prepaid Visa gift card.. in 6-10 working days.. I took all this info and then chatted with the "real" AT&T guys and found out what I had already knew... THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!

I hope all people involved with these types of SCAMMERS rot in *** for what they are getting away with!!! Have a nice day...


Yesss it is a scam


Today I received the call $89.99 for two years with $350 up front! Call back number 888-391-7562!!!! I forgot to mention the call came from 888-777-2454 I told the caller I had to go to a meeting that I needed a number to call back!


This same thing just happened to me March 1 2019. BIG SCAM


This is quite elaborate with a lot of account info known and spoofed phone numbers. They use different phone numbers, and when you call for info you get the AT&T chimes. Was kind of shocked that DTV agent didn't know right away that this was a scam when I called them.


I just got the same call advising they would give me a rate of $39.95 per month plus premium channels as long as I paid $200 with a EBAY gift card by 10 pm tonight. Directv/AT&T confirmed the offer is a scam. They used the telephone 800-587-4683 promotion code M8870


Yes, I got scamed Friday Feb. 1st.

And now I am out $690.00 for Direct offer and $540.00 for Att cell phone offer. Beware, these guys are really bad. Filed a police report with the Live Oak, Tx.

police department but I don't think that will do any good. Also called Direct TV.


I just received a call asking for $300 in Ebay debit card for a Directv 40% discount rate of $74.99 per month for 2 years, when he asked me how much I was paying per month I claimed that I didn't know so when he said he will check the system he came back with a different amount per month (about $47.00 less) then what I am truly paying per month. The Number he gave me to the billing dept.

(888-335-4289) does not show up as any contact number for Directv or ATT, so I called Directv and confirm that the received call was a SCAM. Directv told me they NEVER ask for any up front monies for their promotions.


I just got the same call about prepaying $250 with Ebay card to get my bill reduced. Then pay $49 a month after the 5 months for two years - just sounded too good to be true - and not using a credit card for prepayment means charge can't be stopped.


Exact same thing just happened to me, word for word, same numbers and names. somebody needs to get on top of this


Well I gave them 600.oo in Ebay card and they called me and told me to give them another 600 and they would send me 800 for the inconvenience. They keep on answering.

So why can't the FBI get them . Are they to bizzy cause so much technology and so much earth map. And DirecTV doesn't do.shit either.

I'm sure Ebay can track where they are using the card or ordering thing and where they are going. With the Ebay card numbers which I still have?

@Osvaldo atntigug 909

Lol don't mean to laugh at you but if you think the FBI and DIRECTTV are actually going to go out of their way to assist you in locating a scammer that is on the other side of the world you are to naive man. You should not have fallen for the scam in the first place.

I understand that it is not entirely your fault as it is unjust for scammers to do this to people but you have to be more alert. Anything that is too good to be true never is.


Received scam text message just now from 888-358-5290 saying: "Valued Customer, Last day to get 50% discount on your monthly bill. Use Promo code: EBAY.

When you call at 1-888-358-5290 before promo expires. DirectTV AT&T"


Received a text message from 772-92 to call 888-358-5290 (DirectTV) but it is a scam.


Just got call from 888-606-2063 x 1. Told Direct TV for $99 a month for 2 years, all movies and NFL Package. Just buy Ebay Card for $300.


Got that same call yesterday. He said I had to do it by 9pm.

I told him it was cold and wet and was not going out. He told me he would call me on Monday to offer it again.

Thank goodness I did some research. I hate SCAMMERS!


I got text offer purporting to be promotion for Direct TV. Phone# was 888-358-5290 & said use promo code EBAY to get 50% off current bill.

Call went to a Philippine call center & they wanted $350 upfront to reduce monthly bill to $65 per month. They said I would also get 3 premium channels free and a gift card for $150. They did no verification of acct# or even how much my current bill is.

I questioned them further & they hung up on me. I called ATT and they told me it was a total scam (which I had already figured out.)


11.28.18 - Same thing as RaNetta (they wanted $300 on ebay cards for the same deal---4 free months and $59.99 for two years after. And I would get all the premium channels for free) and the number they gave me to call 1-888-588-2434 - promo code DTV197-23B

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