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The past week dealing with Direct TV and AT&T for the bundle deal has been a living ***. Since July 25th, 2017 I have spent over 14 hours of my time going back and forth with customer service representatives trying to figure out why they keep changing my account every day to a different price, package, and why my credit has changed when I only have had service for 4 days.

I've have been transferred to one person to the next, customer service agents have hung up on me because they don't want to be bothered, and I'm told a different story every time I speak to a new customer service agent. Below is a timeline of the time I have wasted on the phone accomplishing absolutely nothing. July 25th 12:14pm 12mins 2:09pm 23mins 2:33pm 4 mins Agent hung up 2:38pm 32mins 4:02pm 30mins Agent hung up 4:35pm 1 hour 16mins Agent hung up 5:52pm 1 hour 58mins 7:52pm 5 mins Agent hung up 8:48pm 1 hour 5 mins July 26th 12:39pm 32mins 1:26pm 37mins 2:04pm 39mins July 27th 5:09pm 15mins 5:24pm 1 hour 56mins 8:36pm 32mins July 30th 5:47pm 32mins 6:23pm 1hr 31mins 7:16pm 37mins July 31th 8:40am 58mins Total time wasted: over 14 hours!!!!!!! To give you some back history on my account back in February of 2016 we tired to sign up for the bundle deal.

Direct TV came out 1st and installed the tv services, AT&T came out 2nd and had an engineering issue. I called Direct TV and said I wanted to terminate the contract that day because they were unable to give us the bundle deal we agreed to. Direct TV made me wait 2 weeks for AT&T to try and fix the issue. AT&T told Direct TV that it was going to take over a month for them to fix the outside work.

Direct TV agreed to cancel the contract because it was an issue on their end. They told us we had internet in our neighborhood and the only reason we signed up was for a bundle plan. We weren't penalized for the contract being terminated and they told me the account was deleted bc we weren't able to have services. All the equipment was returned.

Flash forward to July 25, 2017 we found out that AT&T was now working in our neighborhood. We spoke to a sales representative for Direct TV at Costco and tired to sign up. The sales representative had me call Direct TV and find out why the order wasn't going through. Direct TV sales representative told me since my account wasn't more than 24months old I couldn't sign up with Costco.

But the Direct TV sales representative told me she could give me the same deal Costco was offering, the only thing I wouldn't get was the Costco gift card. I asked how did they consider my account to be an open account when it wasn't my fault we had to cancel back in 2016. It never should have went through as an open account if AT&T had engineering issues and never fully set up? The agent told me not to worry that she could give me the same deal and that I would get Direct TV select package for $40 and AT&T 300 speed internet for $50.

The Direct TV sales representative said my total would be $90.00 plus tax. She told me I wouldn't be charge any installation or equipment fees and that she would even throw a $100 gift card. I told the Direct TV sales representative that I want to sign up for that deal but my work break is up and if she could save the notes and have someone call me back after 5pm. The Direct TV sales representative told me she would leave notes and have a supervisor for the next shift call me back.

After I got done with work I called back to set up the bundle deal that I was offered. The next sales representative told me there was nothing in the notes for the deal I was offered and I couldn't get that deal. I told the sales representative the whole story and she hung up the phone after being on the line. I called back and explained the whole situation to the next Direct TV sales representative.

That sales representative got their supervisor and the supervisor told me he could give me the select package for $40 and 300 speed internet for $50. He said the total would be $90 plus tax and no installation or equipment fees. He said I would have to pay a one time charge of $19.00 and he would give me a $100 visa to make up for that one time charge. The supervisor told me he made notes of the conversation and informed the sales representative and the sales representative would take over and take all my information and process the order.

I gave the sales representative all my info, credit card info, and my social security. The sales representative had me set up a time for Direct TV and AT&T to come out to the house. She also had me set up a 4 digit passcode and security answer. She placed me on hold for over 30mins.

She apologized for the long wait and told me she was going to issue a $100 credit to my account for the long wait because they were having technical issues. She placed me on hold again and after being on hold for the second time my phone was somehow transferred to AT&T. I just assumed they transferred me because everything went through but AT&T said they had no orders on file and told me to call back Direct TV. At this point I'm furious because I just spent 2 hours trying to put the order through.

I called back Direct TV and they told me they didn't have any orders saved. I felt like crying because I just spent so much time on the last call. I asked the sales Representative to check the notes to see the last bundle deal that I was offered by a supervisor. The sales Representative got another supervisor to review everything.

That supervisor told me sorry but the last supervisor shouldn't have offered you that deal and I can't offer you that bundle deal. I told him I just spent 2 hours on the phone and was told the order was going through. The supervisor just said sorry nothing I can do but give you something different. I told him If I was going to get a deal worst than what I have with spectrum I wouldn't waste 4 hours at that point dealing with Direct TV.

That supervisor transferred me to another person who I tired to tell the story to and they hung up. I was furious about the careless attitude from the sales representatives who didn't care that I spent hours putting an order through and got cut off when the order was processing. I called back later that night and the sales representative listened to the whole story and gave me a reference number and told me someone would review my complaint. Wednesday I received a call and email from AT&T to confirm the schedule appointment I made from Tuesday for the order that Direct TV told me didn't go through.

I call Direct TV to find out why I was receiving a call to confirm an appointment for a technician to come to my house if theres no order. The sales representative listen to the full story and said she could put the original order through but i had to make a one time charge for the equipment and installation a total of 271.30 but she would give me a credit to my account for 271.30 so I'm really not paying for it. I asked are you sure because I was told my another sales representative that I couldn't receive that promotion and wasn't offered that deal. The sales representative re-assured me that she could put it through and took all my info and before she submitted the order I made her repeat the order to make sure we were on the same page for the bundle package that I wanted.

She even told me that I was getting an extra $10 off a month on top of my order for bundling which was something that the other representatives didn't offer. When she ended the call I called back because she didn't give me an order number. I called back Direct TV to get the order number only to find out that the Direct TV lady didn't add internet and had to spend more time adding that back on. So at this point I'm supposed to be getting the select package for $40, the 300 speed internet for $50 and I'm paying 271.30 for installation and equipment but receiving a credit of 271.30.

The sales representative told me my new credit was $406.30. I'm thinking all of this craziness is corrected but find out the next day the order is still messed up. The technicians set everything up on Thursday. I received an email giving me a break down of the order but it didn't make sense because it wasn't the deal that I agreed to.

I call Direct TV and spoke to an agent. I was told that I was getting the family package for 53.99, internet for $50 and my credit was now less because they charged me for changing to the family plan. I told the representative that I NEVER agreed to that order. It didn't make sense what was going on with my order.

The representative tired to fix the order back to what I was told I was getting and told me I would receive a credit of 29.99. The representative transferred me to another agent. I explained the situation to the next agent and they told me I was going to be charged 63.99 for the select plan. I told the sales representative that this is not right what they are putting me through just to get services.

If I knew it was going to be this hard I would have NEVER switch to Direct TV. The sales representative told me she was giving me an additional credit of $240.00 to bring the tv price to 43.99 for one year plus she was adding 3 months free of extra channels. She said my new credit was 597 and change. I was so confused and tired from being on the phone that I didn't bother trying to correct the credit.

On Saturday I received a email that there was a update to my account. I didn't want to spend my one day off from work trying to figure out what they changed so I waited to call on Sunday. On Sunday I was told my Direct TV sales representative that I had a credit of a $1.00 and change left on my credit. He said that AT&T charged me for 596.46.

I asked How could I be charged for that amount when I only had services for 3 days and my bill is supposed to be around 112 plus tax. The representative said I needed to contact AT&T and was connected to a dead line. I called AT&T and they said they did see the charge but wasn't sure why that amount was taken from my credit. AT&T said they needed to connect me to Direct TV.

I was really annoyed that I was being transferred back and forth and no one knew what happened to my credit of $597.00. I tired calling back AT&T and Direct TV on Monday and at this time I still haven't had my questions answered. I was told to wait a week to see if it shows back on my account. This has been an EXTREMELY exhausting and frustrating experience.

I have taken away so much time from my family to deal with this issue. I have a child with Autism and when I get home from work I don't have the time or the patience to be dealing with Direct TV on the phone in the past week for over 14 hours just to be told lies and to be scammed into a deal that I didn't agree to. Someone needs to review the 14 hours of recorded audio to see my side of the story and to see the lies that I've been told.

I can't believe no one had looked into my complaints. I'm at my breaking point with trying to deal with this order!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Bundle.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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