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There is power in numbers. Send your Direct TV complaints directly to:

Ms. Ellen Filipiak

SR VP, Customer Care

2230 E Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

Email: Ellen.Filipiak@directv.com

Consumers, UNITE! There IS power in numbers. Bombard, innundate Ms. Filipiak's office with your concerns and complaints. If there are as many as I believe there are, they will not be able to ignore them.

Additionally, I urge you to contact your Better Business Bureau (again, if they get enough complaints, they CAN do something about it) and contact your County Consumer Affairs office (contact name and address can be found on your local County website).

Stop these people from stealing our money and providing abominable service.

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{{Redacted}} 214-837-5601


Someone is using my name and information from my resume! I am innocent and im not the one who did that. Karma will surely get back to you!


Direct TV is a Scam!My husband took it out with them with me fighting it all the way!

There was a salesman came to the door and I was really sick and he said he was from Dish and wanted to check our box out but when he came in he told us he was from Direct and could give us a better deal and I told him NO and he pull not No for an answer! I went into my bedroom and shut the door and he had enough nerve to talk to me through the door! He told my husband he was contracted out by a third party for Direct!! We have had nothing but trouble with direct!

My husband called them tonight to try to get a sports channel and they tried for over an hour to get it and still could not get it to come on! I am so tired of this the next step is my lawyer!!! We do not want Direct anymore you made us mad!

I will be contacting my lawyer and I know I have witnesses that was here when the salesman forced his way in my house lying about where he was from!I did not take action then because I have been under Doctor's care but I will see what my lawyer says!


they changed the menu and it is horrible! Words too small for seniors or anyone with vision problems to read was not a problem before they changed it everything is black and grey making it even more difficult to read and the fast forward used to show a bar letting you know where you was up to and that's gone so there is no way knowing where you are, its so bad I am going to change my service!


Directv called me to say they are offering free channels for 90 days and the rep said she just wanted to let me know that.So i told her before she was going to hang up that she did not ask me if i want it or not because i am pretty sure directv will charge me for it after 90 days which is what they did with HBO offer which i told them to cancel but still charged me for it.

After i yelled at the rep telling her that she should ask me and i told her i dont want the free channels, she said she will not add it. After i finish my contract with them i will cancel.

Poor service, deceptive tactics to get your money.All my friends and family are doing the same, cancel contract and will not go with them ever.


Your manager or director may want to review your most recent tv commercial, showing a nice black couple sitting on the sofa watching TV.Then it shows four white people making a complete fool of themselves.

Really do you think the white people won't notice that this is a clear case of discrimination and racial abuse. I think you may want to hurry up and remove that from the air before someone shows up with lawyers at your doorstep. Then you need to fire the person who put that on TV. Also, your office on University Blvd.

In North Charleston, SC only has black people working in the office and no matter what a white person says, they are wrong ( so says the manager lady).

But if you are black and have an issue with your bill, they give you 3 months free HBO.Do I need to go on?It is truly clear DIRECT TV has a racial problem against whites.


The new menu completely sucks!


We moved 6 weeks ago.Had Directv at prior house with little problems.

Now at new house in same neighborhood, we keep losing service -“signal lost” appears on tv.

Getting frustrated. Last tech that was here found that the initial installer had the setting to a wrong satellite. First couple of weeks worked well. Now we keep losing signal.

Happy with channel choices but thinking we may need to change providers..

Multiple signal loss is not acceptable.

Can you help?

Helene Altfeld

9220 Villa Norte Drive

Austin, TX 78726 Account no.139381369


No customer service what so ever. 38 phone calls, talked to 13 people over 2 days killing over 5 hours and still MO answers about my statement


I have had it with DT.They have lied to me for the last time.

Dish here is a new customer for you.

I have several complaints about the DT people that answer chat and phone. I called tonight and asked how I can file a complaint. She told me there is an address on the web site. I didn't see it but I am glad I found this site.

I will write to the VP.I doubt it will do any good.

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