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There is power in numbers. Send your Direct TV complaints directly to:

Ms. Ellen Filipiak

SR VP, Customer Care

2230 E Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

Email: Ellen.Filipiak@directv.com

Consumers, UNITE! There IS power in numbers. Bombard, innundate Ms. Filipiak's office with your concerns and complaints. If there are as many as I believe there are, they will not be able to ignore them.

Additionally, I urge you to contact your Better Business Bureau (again, if they get enough complaints, they CAN do something about it) and contact your County Consumer Affairs office (contact name and address can be found on your local County website).

Stop these people from stealing our money and providing abominable service.

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I have had a Mastec service technician to my home four times since January, 2018 because of an ongoing issue with a Genie Mini not coming on. Every time I have a service call then I get an email two days later thanking me for purchasing the premier maintenance plan for $20.99 monthly.

I have NEVER authorized the addition of this plan and each time I have to call DIRECTV and go through the hassle of getting it removed. Customer Service blames Mastec and Mastec blames Customer Service. This time I was able to verify that it was NOT Mastec who crammed the service on my account. In addition, I suddenly had a movie package added that I absolutely did not authorize.

My bill is almost $200 per month for Choice Xtra with the Genie system and three additional televisions. As a customer for fifteen plus years I am sick of the deceptive business practices and look forward to January, 2020 (current contract end date) so as to cancel my service!


The email address Ellen.Filipiak@directv.com isn't found. Do you happen to have another contact?


Directv is run by Democrats, they can't even win a election. LOL


I was promised a pole for my dish when I signed contract. The day that I received service I was told that a pole wasn't available at that time but would come back later to finish installation.

It's been over a year now and I still have temporary setup in my yard. Finally got a tech out this week and was told that it would be a $75 charge fo the pole. This wasn't communicated to me when contract was signed.

I am very disgusted with direct tv for I was misled!!! I still got dish on temporary stand and will just wait for contract to end and find a new service.


Absolutely hate new format. Was not informed of the change and can’t find half my shows.

One minute they’re there, the next they’re not. Still can’t figure out how to find them.

Pissed off. If it’s not changed back, we will be cancelling our services.


I'm fixing to cancel new service on tv and internet .Was suppose to be insulation free and 30 for int.54 dollars for tv.my first month they say I owe 456 dollars I'm disabled and can't pay this also the direct tv techinician promised things even free tv's for lack of service and to get door tags done so he could come back because of being busy I can send u all his texts he didn't even bury cable outside I can't mow for over a month I'm planning on getting an attorney if not resolved and calling better bus.bureu .The new Albany ms.at& t store sold me this contract and can verify I'm telling the truth his name is Derek.I have not received the reward cards I was promised either Thank you Floye Denham 6627903282 Ashland ms.38603

to Floye Denham #1541205

We are having the same problem my father in law just had an insulation done and they also didn't bury the cable my husband did it for him. We were promised a credit for are inconvenience of a tech not showing and being on hold for over an hour but instead was charge for tech service that we never had done or told about the charge. Called tonight and they took it off and top of it they lied about the credit and told me to take it up with att.


Yes been having issues with my Direct been with you guys for years all I ask for a technician to come out and look my HD is out on all channels and for one to come out your gonna charge me 100.00 and it I get the insurance 8.99 a month that’s ridiculous and now you guys took my direct off now I gotta wait till Firday from 12-4 and you the only stay 10 minutes come on people I. Not made outta money !!!


Im owed money and for months ive been waiting.. Never get it like im told i will.

to Geanna1111 #1531496

Same here! They have owed me money since 5/31/2018 and after numerous calls and supervisors...

telling me 7-10 business day. Which is their “canned” response... I still dont have a refund. I even cancelled ATT service because of my bill being combined and they threatened to shut my service off because I wouldnt pay an ETF “early term fee”.

Even though I didnt owe it. I was told today another 30 days to get my refund and I even spoke to a supervisor who PROMISED to get this expedited and would call me back. Did he call back ?? NO!!

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE COMPANIES!! ATT or Direct Tv. Their is way more to my story and people would be appauled if they knew it all. I just dont have the time to type it all out and Ive told the story since beginning of May about 30 times.

Saddest thing is I use to work for a telecommunications company that partnered with Dish and we did NOT have these kind of issues. DISH customer service is way better! I just wish I lived somewhere I could get a satellite dish.

My apartment complex wont allow it. Im gong to file a BBB “better business bureau” complaint tomorrow.


With the new programming, I am about to cancel and go back to Cox. If you are planning to correct these issues, please make this known.ThanksRon Ooley


on June 27 th my tv lost connection. Said searching for signal.

I called in they told me what to do over the phone. IT DIDN'T WORK. They sent tech out on July 4th . I now have picture.

But every 4 to 6 minutes it shuts it self off, and reconnecting. I called on July the 6th . Was on the phone for an hour and 45 minutes. Talked to 6 people.

They transfer me and got disconnected . ANGRY after 1HOUR and 45 MINUTES. Called back again Talked to 3 people that time and now my tech is coming on July 23rd . Worst customer service, EVER.

On July the 6th , I was told I would receive a call from a tech within 24 hours, didn't happen. Not on the 7,8, or 9th. As of now just want my contract over. I also was told when I signed up for Direct TV, I receive a $500.

Visa gift card. was THAT WAS A LIE. Use to be AT&T was a reputable company.

I never knew a company to have to lie to get ur bussiness. SAD All I want is to be finished.


sent money for a back bill but they will not take it off my bill I live on Social security in glad I left them they are harassing me and I want it to stop


After 23 years, just switched to Xfinity yesterday. The Direct TV so called Mandatory upgrades are abysmal and whoever came up with them and forced them on the consumer should be FIRED.

Cannot visually see the guide, the volume simply mutes itself whenever it wants and you must turn the TV and Box on and off if you want volume to come back on, the many TVs we previously had Direct TV on simply freezes at will, you can only delete all shows or one show at a time and NOBODY at Direct TV gives a crap. If you are thinking about getting Direct TV, don't do it. After 23 years we are shocked about how horrible DIrect TV has become. We hung on for a while because Direct TV has the monopoly on the pro football package but even that could not entice us to stay any longer because watching any TV become something we dreaded.

It's only been 24 hours but with Xfinity we can actually see and hear what we are watching! What a breath of fresh air!

to former 23 yr. customer #1515428

Xfinity, Comcast are AT&T. Out of the frying pan into the fire...oh no...


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Long story short ; when I called for replacement of defective equipment I told person I did not want any commitment and I want to be able to cancel at any time with no repercussions they said that's fine. So when I did go to cancel ,they said that I had commitment So now they have sent me to collections I've tried to get this straightened out many times only to be transferred from department to department with no results.

so at this point of frustration I will no longer do business with them and I also plan on discontinuing my AT&T wireless plan with you . What a way to treat a coustomer of 18 years .


got letter saying wont be able to watch unless i update my recievers by 7 8 18. 2-27-18 no service? been on hold for 1.3 hrs.?


been waiting 1 hr 10 min? who are you people? democrates?


what other alternatives do we have? monopolies were against the law?

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