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There is power in numbers. Send your Direct TV complaints directly to:

Ms. Ellen Filipiak

SR VP, Customer Care

2230 E Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

Email: Ellen.Filipiak@directv.com

Consumers, UNITE! There IS power in numbers. Bombard, innundate Ms. Filipiak's office with your concerns and complaints. If there are as many as I believe there are, they will not be able to ignore them.

Additionally, I urge you to contact your Better Business Bureau (again, if they get enough complaints, they CAN do something about it) and contact your County Consumer Affairs office (contact name and address can be found on your local County website).

Stop these people from stealing our money and providing abominable service.

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We recently had the Format changed without any notice of it changing.We have been with Direct TV for several years & have loved it, up until the "Change".

The changed format is Awful! Why couldn't you ask your customers if we would consider changing or keeping the old version? The print is microscopically to small for anyone to read, the layout is ridiculous and confusing and it takes longer to change a channel! How can you call this an improved format?

No longer user friendly.Please go back before you loose all of your customers.


I have talked to several people with direct TV.Nobody including my family likes this new update with recorded shows.

It's too hard to see and understand.

Please put it back to the way it was.Thank you.


I just got off the phone with direct tv and I found out that they do not give veterans a discount on theyre bill.I find this unheard off because most disabled veterans are the ones who watch a lot of T V. and cannot afford the high prices. This is a disgrace and I hope you fix it.


This totally sux! I will change providers!!!!


Hey Directv.Where's your reply?

Make a public statement. Stop just bullying people. Its b's how they woo you when your not or a new customer. Once they get you.

Its like *** We don't care what you think.

Respond Directv.I dare you.


I am not happy with direct everyone that Is on with me can what there tv but me when it rains I lost channels when I went with y'all and now I pay a higher price and can not watch nothing when it rains I had a two year contact but now that I am off I can find something else

to Anonymous #1468367

Yes except you keep getting the info channels. What’s up with that.


Ever since you changed the guide, my service is SLOW!The recordings list takes 5 minutes to come up, and I can't just back out of it.

Also putting sll the recordings in the folder doesn't allow me to look at individual episodes details.

Receivers are constantly freezing up and sound goes in and out on local channels.Couldn't even watch some network show last week because it kept freezing


The new layout sucks now my remotes don’t work sorry piece of ***


New guide is terrible.Visually impaired and cannot see it.

The designer and whoever approved this should be fired.Going to look for another provider if it isn't fixed soon.


Go back to the past version NOW-this change is beyond terrible!ATT should loose all customers for doing this without an email, text, on-screen NOTICE.And GET your GENI upgrade done or DONT sign up anymore customers - THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING!

Anyone who wants to start a class action lawsuit - I’m in!!!!Just post to Facebook or Twitter!

to Verymadmim #1468408

Im down, genie 2 is horrible nothing but problems. I asked them to give me genie 1 back and they want to charge me.


I don’t understand why the guide has changed. It plain sucks.


New direct tv format is horrible.Im a channel flipper and the loss of screen and delay changes my expensive experience.

The new guide is much smaller than old one and makes it harder to read.

Dealt with price increases and poor service during anykind of weather .It might be time to move on to another service


When will be receiving my magnifying sheet to place over my TV screen guide?


This is the worst update I have ever experienced.It’s terrible.

Not user friendly at all.Very disappointed in Direct tv.


On demand and the rewind haven’t worked in months and no one seems to have a answer! My in laws and neighbors gave no issues. It’s *** Wish I never would of made the switch....


The new format was made by a Democrat, that explains everything.


My in-laws are in their mid to late 70s and are upset about the font on the guide. DTV should have the option for larger font.


Please change the guide format.Not user friendly.

Go back to the old way.You have added more frustration to something that should be simple.

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