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There is power in numbers. Send your Direct TV complaints directly to:

Ms. Ellen Filipiak

SR VP, Customer Care

2230 E Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

Email: Ellen.Filipiak@directv.com

Consumers, UNITE! There IS power in numbers. Bombard, innundate Ms. Filipiak's office with your concerns and complaints. If there are as many as I believe there are, they will not be able to ignore them.

Additionally, I urge you to contact your Better Business Bureau (again, if they get enough complaints, they CAN do something about it) and contact your County Consumer Affairs office (contact name and address can be found on your local County website).

Stop these people from stealing our money and providing abominable service.

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Y'all need to change the guide back the way it was . this new one is to hard for the vision impaired to read its to small angry customer


Who ever changed guide color should be fired


Im a very disappointed and angry customer after being a customer for almost 24 years. I upgraded my equipment and now cant read the guide without frustration.

For older people this is not right.

I demand a change. I pay too much for service to have problems reading the guide


Directv is run by Democrats, enough said.


I will never refer any other customers to direct tv. This change they made to the receivers are awful.

I will urge everyone I know to change to a better company. We need a co. That will listen to their customers. Obviously direct tv don't.

Look at the complaints, nothing being done.

Unacceptable it should be a choice, not something forced down your throat. I hate this and can't wait until Monday to cancel.


After 10 years with Direct tv I am going to cable. This new update is horrible.

I hate it and end up with a headache Every time I try to watch tv.

I'm done with this.... calling now to change.


This new update sucks! Can't read it, to small. I hate it and I'm switching to dish ASAP.


The worst experience I have ever had. Fully regret switching from Uverse to Direct tv,I have spent hours on the phone.

Customer service denied I returned my equipment, I am completely fed up with the entire system.Spent two hours on the phone. They finally said they did receive the returned equipment..I will switch to another system.

Just need to get over the $200 increase they charged for saying I did not return the equipment.Totally fed up.,. not to mention Direct TV is awful.


I have tried 3 different time to get Directv installed at my 2bd home and keep getting the run around. My wife and I have spent more than 5 hours on the phone with this company with no results.

I have had Directv in my current home for 15 yrs plus. How do I get results? Why is this so hard? I have been a ATT user for 20 years and am thinking of changing all my accounts to another provider.

Please help so I do not have to swap. Thanks Sean S Dixon 505 Dogwood lake dr Vicksburg ms 39183


Been a customer for over 12 years with no upgrades. Recently we decided to bundle Direct TV with Hughes net.

3 weeks ago Hughesnet showed up on time in fact a day early. 3 weeks later and as many no shows from scheduled Direct TV I'm fed up with them. On 2 occasions they told us installer was in an accident.

Just blatient lies! I'm going to throw their equipment in a pile in the yard if they would like to come get- pissed!!!!


I am very PISSED that it is so easy to have weather interfere with signal!!!! Also when I'm going to view a recorded show I have to PAY FOR IT!!!!!!

And the new view TV guide I can not see it BEING CLEAR so if it does not change I will change to another company that knows how to treat there customers!!!!!!!

P.S. I will take more customers with me


I get nothing but lies and a runaround from Direct TV Customer Service. I had a problem with Code 771, unable to get signal from Satellite 2, last Friday, 2 days ago.

Figuring it was some weather problem, I waited until Saturday at 9:44 AM to contact Direct TV. They promised me a technician by Noon. At 12:39 PM I contacted them again, staying on the line for over 15 minutes. I then tried online chats.

After a while, I tried to stream my NASCAR race online, only to go in circles, repeatedly installing Direct TV Viewer. I finally asked online chat for a supervisor. I explained how angry I was with the runaround, and wanted a phone call from a supervisor.

A man calling himself “Marc called.” He spoke with a thick Indian or Pakistani accent, the same as the previous people I spoke to. He kept me dangling for some time, then told me there would be a technician coming “shortly.” It is now mid-day Sunday, Indy 500 is on, and no technician or phone call yet.


I hate the new guide! You need a magnifying glass to read the info! Bring the old one back or enlarge the info font PLEASE!!!!


https://www.ada.gov/effective-comm.htm I have poor vision, and according to this, well Directv changing to the new format guide, is violating my rights and many others.


Said email address could not be found so was not delivered.

to Cheri #1490177

I had the same problem. Sent Email and got response was undeliverable.no options left but to bail on ATT


I also hate the design of the new guide format. Didn’t see anything wrong with the old format.

I just accidentally deleted 5 or 6 episodes of a program I was getting ready to catch up on when I only wanted to delete the one I just got through watching. That’s another complaint of mine. Why is there not an undelete feature with directv’s DVRs? There are so many other reasons this new format is inferior.....no options on side like resume watching....start show over...

no description of show or whose on it....no dates of when shows aired or which season or episode.

Please give us back the old guide format or you’ll lose yet another customer. These prices are outrageous to put out such an inferior product.


The new guide format is horrible!Can’t read it.When you have multiple recordings for a program you can no longer tell when the program was recorded!


Fix it now or I am dropping Direct TV.


Your new interface is awful. You can't read the print on the guide and information.

The channel is now in a different place. What were you thinking.

If this isn't fixed I will be forced to go back to suddenlink. I'm not paying for something I can't read.Repectfully,Pat HatcherDunbar,WV 25064Type your message here

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