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A few years ago we grew tired of our cable (Adelphia at the time) and branched out to Direct TV. I spent at least an hour on the phone going over fees, channels etc. I was in simple terms promised the sun and moon and then quoted a very inexpensive fee for 4 digital box receivers. After accepting I waited the week and a half and then stayed home for the entire day until the satellite guy showed up after hours to install the monstrosity on the side of my house.

We had the dish I guess one week maybe two, couldn’t ever get good reception and then to make things worse the bill came.

When I received the bill I was astonished, it was huge! I had already paid installation and the first month why was I getting a massive bill only a few weeks into it. When I called and told them how upset I was they him-hawed around and said that clearly the sales individual that sold me the package was not trained enough. I quickly cancelled, in fact Adelphia hadn’t even had time to disconnect us yet. I told them to come and get the receivers and informed them of how many I had. They told me to keep the satellite they didn’t take those back and then they gave me instructions to ship them back and said they would send the correct amount of boxes for shipping.

Two days later the UPS/Fed-ex (can’t remember which they used) guy shows up with 2 boxes for me to ship 4 receivers in. Now I know that you being attorneys can do the math here. I called DTV and they said to double pack the boxes using the foam provided. I did. I shipped them off and didn’t hear anything for weeks.

Suddenly I get a bill saying they received 3 of the 4 receivers! WHAT!! I of course called and the gentleman on the phone said he would check into it and make note and take it off the account. Of course I have been playing this game with them off and on for about 8-10 months it seems. I don’t know where you are from but I was always taught you never pay for something you don’t have. Well I DON”T HAVE IT! They do.

I am sure that if need be and this does end up in court I could rally quiet a few people who have been scammed by this company. I am willing to do the research. This company has lied to me from the beginning and I am surely not the only one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $204.

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got a package - 155 channels, 12 months for $29.99/ mo. Then the bill came - $65.98 and that was minus the adjustments of $10.00 credit for 12 month program, and $10.00 for choice partial month credit, and 1 receiver charged 83 cents then credited it back, I was charged for 3 leased receivers, I have 1 receiver.

Primary leased receiver $4.99 credit, no tax, but the final due bill as $65.98. address 33809 MCR 34 Rt 2, Merino, CO 80741