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Several words, one of which is ABYSMAL,

in your own language which I assume is (American) English, if it ain’t broke, don't fix it.

The "New” screen-guide format really sucks; I am slightly visually disadvantaged and any reduction in font size makes it increasingly difficult for me to read from a reasonable distance.

The "Logic” of the guide has also been changed which has a general negative effect on navigation.

I have noticed that at least 80% of your customer base is up-in-arms being faced with your so-called IMPROVEMENTS! you could lose all your customers within 3 weeks, I could tell you about one of them right now!

Why not get REAL people to look at your help-screens and advise you!

Less frills, bells and whistles, better continuity logic (the old menu was actually not too bad), and perhaps a slightly better font, definitely a slightly larger and simpler font.

Summing up, the new system is unusable for me unless I sit not more than 1-meter (39.37") from the 50" (1.27 meters) TV screen! I almost feel as if I need 3D Goggles.

Get it right or you've lost our 3 TV subscription along with 40% of your other complaining customers.

Yours sincerely

Rick Williams


Review about: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Software update gives reduction in quality.

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