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I got a call from a direct tv rep last week. I forgot to pay my bill the previous month, so they were calling to get the money I owed them.

No big deal, I paid them on the spot. I then asked to speak to a manager because the lady that called me was a little slow. The next lady I talked to couldn't help me out either. She then passed me on to another nice lady that said she could get my bill down to $75/month.

Which I was satisfied with. I was on the phone for 40 minutes. Two days later I receive a bill for $322.54. This was after I canceled the NFL sunday ticket and the Starz movie package.

The only thing they're good at is sending out invoices. After receiving the bloated invoice, I decided to call customer service. While I was waiting on hold for about 20 minutes my service was shut down by a storm cell. This seems to happen a lot more than they tell you.

I told him I wanted streaming capabilities for my direct tv service, and he didn't get what I was saying. I then realized I was talking to an under educated person working in a call center. After that I emailed the Office of the President and a nice young man called me back within a few hours. I was working and couldn't talk, so he gave me a direct number to the office.

I called that number today and had an 8 minute conversation with a very grumpy lady that made my blood boil. She told me she was going to bill the card on file for what I owed.

So I canceled service, and called my bank to put a stop to them billing me. They have very shady business practices, and don't know how to treat people

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Once again, I point out that you people at direct TV are offensive, and out of line. You try pushing people around, and get away with it most of the time.

You ignorant mental midgets pushed around the wrong person. I'm a savvy individual that was driven to insanity because everybody that works there is a little slow.

I'm not! Keep chirping because it adds fuel to my fire

to Anonymous #1224381

them harrassing you? i seriously doubt they said any harsh words to you besides there was nothing else they could do for you and maybe that they wont accept the way you were talking to them.

People who work for directv or any other customer service position are still people, not your servants, not yours or any other self richeous narcicistical ***, punching bag. In doing that job they cant cuss or belittle you but they definetly dont have to let themselves be degraded by you and or bullied because your pissed off. your the one calling directv workers "ignorant mental midgets", that statement is completely ignorant.so your "a savvy individual that was driven to insanity because everybody that works there is a little slow"....you should be embarrassed by your words and your actions, maybe directv should sue you for harrassment. Everybody who signs a two year contract with any cable company ever knows about the early termination fee theres no way out of it, says it in the fine print on every advertisement anywhere.

by the way a "sane" person isnt driven insane by "under educated" people, if a sane civilized human being did encounter actual "under educated" people they would have understanding that said person obviously wasnt able to get an education, and feel blessed that said sane person was educated, not be driven insane by them. patience, understanding, treating others with respect kindness and dignity, seriously this is kindergarden ***. You have anger issues obviosly dont blame it on others take responsibility for your own ***, a grown adult wouldnt let theirselves go crazy over anything as little and petty as your complaint. you drove yourself crazy and probly just ended up paying what was owed in the first place.

money and cable arent whats impoortant in life they are just things to keep us busy if your going insane over this *** i hate to see what happens when you come into some real problems. this seems mean but im really giving you advice bc your only hurting yourself with this attitude and the lack of respect for other human beings your going to end up alone in life and have no one to blame besides yourself

to Anonymous #1302934

You seriously should learn how to spell before opening your mouth. Talk about ignorant.


So did they call you? I'm sure that their entire legal department has been up 27/7 because a nobody from hicktown NY was going to make them regret buying DirecTV.

Once again I point out I have been doing this for many years you are 1 person who thinks more then a team of the best lawyers in the country you signed an agreement you can't say one day I cancel this and it is over that is not how a contact work,you AGREED to pay any outstanding balance,you AGREED to waive your right to disputes, you AGREED to binding arbitration that YOU put up 50% of the cost is you want it about $1700. You AGREED to the terms why don't you pull your kids head up from between your legs and show the the real world

to Anonymous #1031068

A Nobody from hicktown, ny is about to make some noise as loud as any heard before. You dummies keep harassing me like a bunch of bullies in school.

Only I'm the cool one and you guys are the nerds. Bring on your legal eagles. I will make them look silly. I'm well aware what I signed, because I actually read *** stuff like contracts that bind me into silly agreements and arbitration.

That might apply to most people. NOT ME! I'm smart enough to find these things called loop holes. Harassment is a serious offense, especially when you people at direct tv drive a young, physically fit 33 year old, to the point of insanity.

I know my rights as a citizen, and you people at Direct TV are getting in the way of my pursuit of happiness. A fundamental right that all Americans have. Read the constitution, and the NYS penal code 240.30, on harassing people. Not allowed!

I'm taking down any corporation that gets in my way. Cable and TV program providers are obsolete. Everything can be streamed for little to no cost online.

I will be educating my fellow Americans of this. You ignorant people at Direct TV will be out of jobs when I get done!

to Anonymous #1031456

Next you'll be telling us about your a sovereign citizen and the Federal government that controls banking laws do not apply your above that. Well good luck with the loop holes and all that don't forget the tinfoil hat when outdoors


Thanks for your opinion, but you have a conflict of interest working for them, and you sound a bit under educated on this situation. Read the fraud protection laws.

Nobody can take money out of my bank accounts without my authorization.

Furthermore, Direct TV sent me an offensive emails after I terminated our contract, and that's called harassment. Do your research before you make yourself look idiotic!

to Anonymous #1030023

Ok let's take a look at who is the one looking *** you got me who is given you examples of issues given you the specifics of where stuff is located and questions to ask your bank made a logical argument to try and help now lets look at you, you come on here as a wannabe lawyer telling everyone you know better then the hundreds of others how you Joe nobody how he is going make att regret there their multi billion purchase of DirecTV with another class action suit and that the person who is trying to give you information about what is coming you call them names about how dumb they are, I hope I am the one who process your paperwork I usually don't take much pleasure at sending paperwork to banks to take money owed but for you I'll make the exception. When I or someone like myself does we shall see that I was right and you where nothing more then a caged gorilla thumping its chest in anger to all the children's amusement

to Anonymous #1030502

You sound like another employee of the obsolete company that's getting flushed down the toilet within the next few years. Nobody needs a cable provider anymore.

Every channel can be streamed online, for free, or a minimal charge. I'm done talking to the mental midgets at direct tv. I've been talking to AT&T because no one at direct tv knows how to treat people. I feel like a caged gorilla beating my head against the wall, talking to direct tv employees.

Driven to the point of insanity by their aggressive tactics. Read the NYS penal law 240.30. That is my basis for my lawsuit.

I'm done educating you employees from direct tv. You still to this day are still harassing me!

to Anonymous #1030512

You write like my 9 year old niece. Cute but doesn't make sense. I hope you process my paperwork

to Anonymous Tickfaw, Louisiana, United States #1066148

DirecTV is a pile of ***. They tried that contract stuff with me, and I got out of it, easy, because an attorney told me how.

DirecTV employees are so ***, it was easy. It helped that the attorney general of our state (and 47 other states) sued them for unfair business practices, which, unfortunately, they are still doing. Not my problem anymore. I sued them in small claims court for TCPA violations for harassing me on the phone.

I won...

more than they said I owed them. I am now the proud owner of a letter from their attorney stating that I do not owe them a penny.

to Anonymous Monroe, Michigan, United States #1224376

when you gave them a credit card number you authorized any amount you owe to be charged to that account. i did the same when i put my paychek card numbers in which you have to do to get the service.

im not a directv worker im a customer thats just the cold hard facts. blaming directv for your anger issues, cmon you could of called them calmly about this seeing as the bill was most likely sent before you had the talk with them and they lowered your bill. Because they do that. they send monthly bills out on the same dates every month....they didnt send it just to bother you.

its a thing, ya know you open an account with a service said service is turned on and used by you and one day out of every month like clockwork the bill comes in the mail......your the one who forgot to pay your bill in the first place and thats what started all of this. your probably would of had a good deal if you could of been rational and just had an ounce of patience and understanding for other human beings, to know that when you spew out a bunch of angry *** cause your pissed about a bill its going to take a minute and a calm rational explanation of what your problem is for them to even address the problem. im not the biggest fan of directv but listen to yourself. you sound like a child.

the lady probly sounded grumpy to you because she wasnt just giving in to some spoiled brats irrational threats, im sure you sounded pretty grumpy to her also, she probably tried to help but their is no winning with people like you especially with that undereducated bull *** your spewing. The dumbest people are those who UNDERESTIMATE other peoples intelligence.

i would love to see you take down directv and at&t, you and your enormous ego. GROW UP LITTLE GIRL


Don't believe me? Call your bank ask them 2 questions 1 can a dispute fail if the company fights it.

They will say yes it can 2. Ask if a signed agreement authorized a company to charge outstanding balance would cause a dispute to be declined.

They will tell you yes I'm one of the people who send them I know my job and do it well. Perfectly legal and within compliance with all credit card companies


2 days later huh, did you ever think that bill was already in the mail when you called and spoke with them what a dumbazz

to Anonymous #1028559

Lol. You must work for direct tv.

I know it was already in the mail, ***. I was making the point that they're aggressive billing tactics are offensive.

Figure it out! It's not that hard.


You just a little info for you, yes you can ask the bank to stop the charge but once DirecTV sends the agreement to them the bank has no choice but to allow the charge see section 5 of your agreement. Even if you cancel your card and get a new one the bank can and will forward that charge your best bet is to contact them and work it out because they will get their money or will turn your credit to sh.it but then again so many Deadbeat's out there your credit may not matter

to Anonymous #1028563

Thanks for the input. I called my bank and they told me that, but I have 60 days to dispute any charge I want to.

And its illegal to charge an account without approval. I'm organizing a class action lawsuit against direct tv if they fail to satisfy me. There is one going on in California right now. Check it out.

If AT&T fails to contact me today I am going to contact the New York State Attorney Generals office.

I've contacted AT&T already. And they will regret purchasing direct tv unless they make me happy.

to Anonymous #1028574

Your right you have 60 days to dispute a charge and it is illegal to charge w/o approval but you already gave them approval and a dispute will fail because of section 5 of the agreement gave permission to do it and can not be revoked until the account is closed with a 0 balance. Yes I do work for DirecTV they are paying for my college and a nice place to work, I am in the department that deals with this problem on a regular basis I know that threats will do nothing but make you a joke around the call center, if you think I am wrong look around the net for other people who claim DirecTV "stole" money from them and how the bank dispute failed it was because me or someone in my department sent a copy of your agreement to them at that point game over.

Once again read the agreement section 5 card on file policy you can call me all the names you want I have learned to laugh it off. You have 2 choices you can either work it out and when you call I suggest you humble up and work something out or wait for the charge your card because it will come I guarantee that and you can waste your time fighting your bank in a loosing battle

to Anonymous Hilton, New York, United States #1029067

Fighting my bank? They're on my side.

It's called fraud protection! What your company is doing is illegal and offensive. To the point where they made me so mad I need counseling. I am suing them for harassment and attempting to steal money out of my bank account.

I terminated that agreement when I cancelled.

I just got another offensive email this morning from your employer. You're an *** for working for that *** company

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