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Where do I start, Directv has screwed me over every time I have an issue. First, when they came to install it took 8 hours, then they didn't give me 2 DVR boxes as requested but I could have another one for an additional $99 - nice.

Then I told them I was buying an HDTV to give me an HD box and guess what, they didn't. They also didn't tell me that I could have it until I had the TV and that I had to get it within 90 days or it would be $250 more dollars - screwed again. Then, I called 3 times to have my "Free" promotional movie package cancelled and they kept telling me the promo wasn't up, but billed me for $44/month in January and February even though per them, the promo expired on 2/21/10. WTF People.

The best part is I can't even cancel without being screwed out of another $450 for early cancellation.

My next step is to go after ATT for signing with the bastards. Nice package to offer your customers.

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I lost my job back in May or June, so we decidied to cut where ever we could. Directv was one of the first to go.

Once we had completely disconnected They waited a month and then charged my card they had on file, 274 dollars WOTHOUT MY CONSENT. That led to an additional 100 dollars in overdraft fees because I had no idea the charge was coming.

Thank you Directv. I will now make it my personal goal to diesperage you to everyone I ever talk to.



They screwed me! The installer never told me I would get slammed with a $200.00 fee for a DVR box.

Nothing was said! The management went round and round and told me there is nothing they could do, I must pay. So with limited information they send me a bill and will not have the integrity to make this right! If I cancel my service they will hit me with a 450.00 early cancellation fee and when I refuse to pay that they will screw my credit report!

Nice... sounds like they a serial rapist to me.


I had them less than a week before I cancelled service. The technician didn't leave enough cables to connect my additional t.v.

and forgot the right card.

Direct tv then tried to charge me a 420 dollar early cancellation fee which they did drop due to my inconvenience and the fact that I had an attorney ready to pounce! Never again


I was shocked to log on to pay my bill to find yet another rate increase...for what?!! I placed a call to have my "packaging" changed to lower bill and was shuffled around and talked to like I was a ***.

In total frustration, I ended up hanging up on the "customer service rep" who couldn't seem to understand the simple fact that I had changed my phone number a year shows on my onliine account!!, so handling my other situation was way over her head!

I will be shopping for an alternative! :(


wow, we have actually not had any problems with direct tv. i does go out if their is a storm with heave clouds in the southern sky.of course when we had cable,it would go out if there were a "chance "of rain.

and its been over 2 years since i signed up. guess we were one of the lucky ones


Yea, I know what you mean. We are going through the same thing with Direct right now.

Also, we didn't buy the "hardware" insurance or whatever and our receiver is acting up BAD. It looses sound constantly, then you have to reset it completely, which it has to re-boot(takes about 5 minutes). Now they tell me I have to buy a new receiver. We became a customer a whole 6 MONTHS AGO!

Now if I cancel, we have to pay a $20 a month "breaking the contract fee" for the next year and a half.

Which if I went with dish network, it would actually still be less to pay there monthly fee and my $20 fee to direct. And heaven forbid if I actually got to talk to someone who actually speaks ENGLISH!