Fremont, Michigan
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I got a better TV today and came home and tried to hook my direct tv equipment up to it. I thought nothing of it because with Comcast I could do it myself with no problem. Of course when I tried to turn it on it said it was searching for the signal. I called the number (through Best Buy) thinking again, like cable, it could reset. I spoke with someone named Chris who informed me that I will now have to have a service call for which I will be charged because I "moved the equipment."

I am absolutely irate about this. I do not recall ANYONE ever telling me this. Yes, I paid more for Comcast, but they didn't have these hidden service fees not to mention the aggravation of the whole thing. I DO have a service call schduled for Saturday and I feel I should NOT have to pay for this.

Unfortunately I just started with direct tv but the minute the contract is up I WILL go back to cable where I won't have these issues again. Extreme inconvenience and hidden fees. Never again.

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You're dumb. When you sign an agreement, read it.

There are no hidden fees. They're on the contract you signed. You inconvenienced yourself.

Learn how to read instead of complaining on the internet about a company that didn't cause your issues to begin with. The issue is you.


I can't believe that Costco and Direct TV (2 reputable companies) have anything to do with a company like Smart Circle. They are by far the worst company and group of people I have ever dealt with in my entire 58 years on this planet.

And the kicker is they know it, as I dare you to try and find out who they are, where they're from and who is responsible for the terrible service you get. I have emails from people using Costco, Direct TV and Advanced Communications in their salutations. Ask someone on the phone and you will NEVER get them to say they are from Smart Circle or tell you who is ultimately responsible for the inferior service and customer care.

Shame on you DTV and Costco for involving yourself with such a disreputable entity. Shame!!!


ur a dumd *** u think you pay an electricain to put in an outlet in your bed room than you can just move it to another room daaa


You guys are a bunch of idiots. If you do your research and actually listen to what is said to you when the sales rep sold it to you, you would know what to expect. Also, if you do your research, Directv surpasses any tv service provider out there.


Like clock work every six months they raised the price. After I complaned they would lower the price a bit.

For those that did not complane=more money=more money=more money. I am no longer a direct tv customer and am much happier not having to deal with their BS.


***CONSUMER WARNING: Trust me, stay clear of doing business with DirecTV and Samrt Circle. I was sold a package at CostCo which was to include $180 CostCo Gift card, Free NFL Ticket; Free euipment and Install: 1-HD DVR, 1-HD Rcvr, 1-Stnd Rcvr.

First, they scheduled me to arrive between 8a-12p and showed up at 2:30, they wanted to charge me an extra $75 to add a second Stnd Rcvr, then the Tech walked off the job and went to the next appointment. RUDE! A Smart Circle Supv called back, we worked outa solution, and agreed to give it another shot - BIG MISTAKE! They wanted to charge me $60 for connecting a samll WIFI box to my DSL Router via one simple cable.

$60 dollars for something that takes 10 seconds to connect!

It's a bad deal for all consumers! :(