I call and made a payment on Wednesday,September 23, at 11:44am local time. The recording asked me if I wanted to be transferred to have my service reconnected and I said yes.

The gentleman pick up and said the bill have not been paid. I paid a total of $226.77 with my bank debt card. He look it up and said it was posted to the wrong account. He transferred me to another person told him the same time he look and transferred be another person that person transferred to another that was on September 23, 2020.

I call today September 24, 2020 they told me to call 866-960-**** after he started a research to see what happened to the money. The research account number is 519****.

I was told that this individual would send a temporary signal until the money is found. However this gentleman started the same question over and I told him if wasnt going to send a temporary signal I was wasting my time again.

User's recommendation: Don’t expect quick and professional service.

Location: Pearl, Mississippi

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