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My son worked for this company out of the Columbus, Ohio warehouse, installing Directv. He left because they wanted him to do someone elses trouble call at no charge.

He uses his own gas and tools so he said not unless he got paid for it. It wasn't his install. They told him that they would mail his check. Payday was 8/20/09 and he's still waiting.

They told him they mailed it on 9/4. No check. After numerous calls they told him that they can hold his check for 90 days in case of a call-back or damage. Anyone with experience in this field knows that it doesn't take that long for a call-back or damage complaint.

He has all his documentation. Now they're telling him they will FedEx it to him today but won't call him with a tracking number and won't answer his or my calls. I think it's a stall tactic myself, because another person has complained about the same. Don't answer their ads on Craig's List.

This does not reflect well on them or DirecTv. Anyone else have this problem?

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Yes, they held a1000$ retainer out of my check when we parted ways. They have hit me chargebacks every week.

The retainer is almost gone. What they do is criminal, , they know that we technicians don't have the means to fight back (legally ), so inmy experience they basically steal, Using the charge back as a tool to keep our money.

Basically the company gets paid twice. First for the initial work order 2nd from not paying technicians


Im still waiting for last check 1200.00 almost 5 year, he said check will be mail to home, he's another f...r in this business ripping off people.


dont work for sulutions contractor inc you would never get paid.


Mr Seriously sound like a big whiner.


Apparently you do not know what you are talking about. Who are you in the first place?


There is only 1 person that has worked for this company more then 1year and he hands out equipment. So all of you that are on here bragging about your two year run with them are full of *** I left them at the end of '10 (almost a year with them).

They do pay on time and there is ALOT of RSC or NonResp charge backs taken out of your pay. Would be nice, for the future techs that come, for them to print and post all Non Responders in the warehouse where people can easily access. But you aren't making "One guy makes like 2000 a week consistantly." as mentioned, that's a 2week check.

I seen all the checks, shared our stubs with everyone else comparing charges and phone lines. The only time you make that money is during the busy time.


I have worked for Solutions Contractor for almost 2 years and I have never had a problem with my pay.


then ur lucky,but that wont change anything efrain jaramillo is a cheap *** and he will try anything to try to save that dollar.


This compamy owes me over $2200 dollars. I waited my 90 days after i left the company.

Its been almost 6 months now. I guess I'll have to goto small claims court to get my money. I wish the goverment/courts would shut down companys like this. Why should everyone that quits this company have to fight tooth and nail to get there money.

Effrain/Evelan, one day you will meet your maker and you will have to answer for all the people you have ripped off. Shame on you!

@Common Crimminals

thats right buddy take it to dep of labor or what ever i did the same so hopefully he gets screwd for it ,that cheap *** got me doing errands for free and give me the worst jobs sometimes i drove for 2 1/2 hours to do a service call that wasn't even mine i hate this company hate it hate it...


Responding to MRUSS. The callbacks are what are called in DirectV world RSC = Repeat Services that do take upto 90 to get a charge back.

Now on the doing call backs for others they get paid $30 to fix minor problems.

If the tech does a Full Redo then what ever that job paid out goes to the tech that did the Redo. SCI is a fair company to work for.


Honestly Solutions Contractor has it up and down times but if you keep your phone lines up and do what your told your fine. You can make so much money from this company.One guy makes like 2000 a week consistantly. I hate whiners..............

...They are a good company to work with....


yeah only a few guys make that money,thats what he kept tellim me oh i got guys that make this much bla bla bla ,but is only a few guys and can tell you thaty allways get the best jobs and best locations the rest of us dont get *** ,like 2 instals about 2 hours away from each other and nothing but service calls ,i worked for 2 months all i ever got was nothing but *** 2 install and like 3 service calls,just so he can keep those guys that make 2000 dollars a week happy..sorry buddy but this company is a ***.


:cry :cry :cry Efrain Jaramillo :you thinki you r some kind of king or something ,your NOT, you r just one ugly cross eye it funny looking litle man ,really buddy thats all you r ,and i really really regret ever working for such a *** company like yours .


Custom labor rates are set by DIRECTV and Solutions Contractor lets the tech get 100% of all custom labor. Who ever wrote this obviously has never worked for Solutions Contractor.

These statements are not even close to true.

I have worked as a tech for 3years and they have always taken care of the techs.Solutions Contractor has always paid competitive rates and from my experience most of the time better than other contractors that I’ve worked for. Solutions Contractor doesn’t rape their techs on bogus back charges, like other companies either.


Efrain Jaramillo is not the one you wanna deal with his wife Evellyn is more honest and laid back and some times it's just better to show up at his warehouse


lol wonder how many of his coworkers ran on his service calls to help him out so he didnt have to drive 50-60 miles.sounds like a whiner to craigs list because they are a good company to work for.




I have worked for Solutions Contractor for almost 2 years and I have never had a problem with my pay.I strongly suggest you give them a call they are constantly opening new markets and are always looking for good techs


Solutions Contractor Inc. will produce bogus back charges just to keep your money for themselfs.

Other companys only charge about $40 for a RSC, Solutions will charge you $50. Directv Home Services in a whole is a joke. The sales people lie to the customers about custom charges, then it up to you when you show up to their house to explain why the install isn't going to be free. They could atleast let the customer know the might be custom labor charges.

AVOID this type of job! I warned you.