Russell, Kansas
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u have taken off my speed channel 607 and now has become some fox 1 sports ***. i am very unhappy with this change.

if i wanted to watch boxing, baselball, golf, ect i would have purchased the sports package. i want my 607 speed vision back. they had the best shows. i have been a faithful customer of yall for 12 yrs..change my channels back or i am switching satellite companies.

why pay outrageous amout a month for channels i dont like??

i havent even had an update, nor been asked about an update in these past 12 yrs, and then u want to charge more?? heck no...looking at dish network for new services...

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LOL you dummies do realized that Directv has zero say in this change right? Your issue is with Fox Broadcasting for making that decision.

Why do people assume that companies that carry that channel have any control over what is being broadcast? Google search Fox Broadcasting's Customer Service # and leave feedback.

THAT actually makes a difference guys.


The reason I got Direc tv was for Speed, I hate this bs, and want my SPEED CH back, my tv was on speed most of the time. Do you know the # to Dish.


We watched speed 607 on a daily basis,we are so disappointed that it was removed. I see

That Dish network still has the speed channel, so it must be available .

Please reconsider

And give us back what we choose your company for. Don't force us to go to Dish.


This is a bunch of poor judgement on Fox's part. The Speed channel was for us car junkies not interested in all the other sports.

Fox just lost me as a viewer and probably direct TV.


For almost 20 years, I always knew I could go to Speed for my "automotive fix". I know it's not Direct TV who killed it, it was the parent company, FOX.

There are plenty of other channels for other sports, why of why, kill the one automotive channel worth a ***. Perhaps Velocity will improve enough to fill the nitch.

I think you guys made a mistake. The replacement Fox Sports replacement channel just doesn't scratch my itch, Sorry.


it just goes to show this company is all about the $$ and not customer satisfaction...they can bring speed vision back, just like they did with the cartoon channels ect....


Since Speed channel no longer exists so it would be difficult to bring it back!


If we wanted sports like football,baseball and etc. we would watch ESPN.

Speed was for the car/racing fan! Shame on Direct Tv and FOX!