Salt Lake City, Utah
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Been a subscriber to DTV's Sports Pack for over 10 years. I also subscribe to the MLB package.

This year it seems that the pre-game shows are blacked out on the Fox and Regional sports channels. I called DTV customer service but can't get a straight answer (another example of poorly trained CSR's). I asked to speak with a supervisor but the agent said I'd have to wait on the line for at least an hour. Makes me wonder what I'm paying an extra $12.99 for what seems like a worthless Sports Pack.

Appears to be a scam. Maybe another class action suit against DirecTV is in order.

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You do know that directv has no control over what a channel or sports league chooses to air. If they did then every provider would have to watch what directv wants them to.

Just like other channels the broadcaster decides what you can and cannot watch. Directv doesnt make the rules set forth by sporys leagues they just pass on a signal if you want to sue someone sue the network or spots league

@umm okay

what's a "sporys" league.

@umm okay

They should mention the fact that the channels black out when out of market games are on in their advertisement. Who wants a sports package with 30+ channels that only shows local teams...the same teams that you can watch on local channels with the basic package???


I am absolutly pissed right now i just got that two days ago and i clearly says on the website watch your favorite pro teams anywhere you are and when i tried to watch the Red Sox game it said not subscribed so i called they said because im not in that area but as i stated before the website says i can watch anywhere i am this is a scam and never buy it


I agree with you Slcmike32 i just got the sports package free for a month i said cool.I was curious because i watch nhl,nba,nfl games and i had red on the direct tv site that you get all the regional sports channel.WRONG!!! yea you get the channel when a games not on LAME!!!! Total scam


Whats up with MLB forcing us to watch other teams announcers.This is wrong.I live in north carolina and get forced to watch Braves or Nationals announcers.I'm a Mets fan.North Carolina doesn't even have a team.Come on MLB get a clue, This is not a free service.