Dallas, Texas
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I had a scheduled service call on 3/18/13 which is when the verified that the Dish could not be installed because of the location of my apartment. I made so many calls on that date because the appointment was missed.

Not my problem yours. There were two calls that I feel was very unprofessional. One with the tech who was supposed to installed the Dish. He informed me that he received the work order late.

He implied that it wasn't his fault. He couldn't give me a precise time or his arrival. He gave me his supervisor phone number. After talking with his supervisor who was defensive and sharp to protect his tech.

I felt as if I was the victim of a event that could have been avoided. Your company sent me a bill in the amount of $81.06 after all the drama from your company. Not to mention the lack of professionalism when I made a payment on 3/15/13 where a rep told me I owed $16.24 and the recording said I owed an additional amount after the rep charged my credit card. Along with all the time I spent on the phone.

I can give more information regarding all the *** I experienced from your company. I am requesting these charges be dropped. And I be mailed a bill showing a zero balance. I am due a apology for the manner in which I was treated.

I am hoping this is enough to ends this matter. Account number is 45076484.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

Monetary Loss: $81.

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