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Direct TV is allowing sound distortions to vex me in my home and this is illegal and discrimination and evil and it is harassment being done towards me like I am some Targeted Individual done on my cable box from a local Police agency and the agency has all of my local news stations and some kids stations like Nick and sports entertainment stations like WWE and sports on fox and other stations when they play the NFL games and the NFL Network , any Live broadcast stations of the sound distorted where they would insult like name calling her and threaten to do harm to my kid who is a minor and they would verbally sexual insult and threaten to have me hurt like bullies does and saying a lot of things about others I have been around too, saying they are dead, trying to make me paranoid Skis and acting like they have been stalking us....etc. A camera maybe on the box... This is not the only company who let organizations and Agency's spy's and harasses people in their homes...etc.

User's recommendation: Do not get Direct TV unless you get spyware signal Detector,spy detector.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Stop allowing outside signals of other agencys to harass some customers.

DIRECTV Pros: Have alot of stations.

DIRECTV Cons: Well try to make you broke and crazy, Being mislead on cable service.

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Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean someone isn't following you. You are a crazy person.


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