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Signed up for $40 a month and they gave 3 months bonus Chanel's, called in to cancel the movie Chanel's to discover that they put in the wrong package. Was told they canceled the movie Chanel's when they switched to the correct package, no bill paid the $40 for three months got disconnected. Called told that they were going to take care of the bill and that $40 was all I owed. Got disconnected next month only to be told that no one cancels... Read more

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I called in about premium channels I asked to be removed. The rep started telling me how they are the best in the business so much better than dish I told her I disagree and don't care for the customer service with direct tv or att. She started getting louder and louder trying to change my mind. I asked if she would just remove the premium channel I told her to because I'm not going to continue to pay for them when I have repeatedly asked... Read more

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Careful what you sign with this company. It took me an hour of talking to a sales representative to decipher that you are signing a 24 month contract but your rates are only locked in for 12 months. He was very misleading. This means that on year 2 this company can raise your rates to anything and there is nothing you can do about it except buy yourself out at $20 a month for each month that you do not finish. I did report them to the BBB but... Read more

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I had early termination due to the sale of the house we rented, when i tried to get service at my new home, we couldn't since the landlord would not approve so we went with at&t since they own directv. But we call and spoke to customer service and was informed that we would get a final bill. No final bill came and the went into my account and changed 477.17 without any notification whatsoever, causing our account to overdraft. i feel... Read more

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Anyone has problem with Direct TV, they added $5.99 per month protection plan without my authorization. This will end up in a class action Law suit. They also charge you extras without asking you. They tell you up to 4 receivers free, but they charge you for installation on the 3rd and 4Th. I call them several times and every associate tell you a different story. They try to avoid answering by email and they ask you to call the 800 number. I... Read more

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I signed a 2 year contract with Direct Tv. The payment would not change for 2 years is what they told me, several times, that is why I signed the contract, the payment would be the same for 2 years.. well guess what that was a lie, when 1 year was over my bill went up about $30.00 at one time, & the next month, went up again. call Direct Tv. and was told, the promotion was for 1 year only, but I still had a 2 year contract. The last year was... Read more

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I moved to ohio to work for this *** , i quit my jobs and left everything behind to go there he promise so much s//t to me and i ended up losing everything all my money my car and the new truck the i financed for the job just because he so cheap and here i am with no job ,no money no car ,nothing but a big depression for the last 6 months ,yes thanks to efrain jaramillo ,i spend christmas broke ,what i gave my daughter and wife NOTHING thanks... Read more

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I called Directv to switch my services to my new home, as they advertised a movers deal, however I did not qualify and they wanted more $$ from me. So I switched services and called Direct to set up a payment arrangement on the termination fee, they said no problem, however they overdrew my account anyways and said the only way they could fix it was if I started my service with them again, otherwise I was out of luck and don't call back. I... Read more

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Just a bit of advice... Stay Away from Direct T.V! I don't care what they are offering for free. I can promise you will NOT be happy with their service. Their customer service is far below anything you know to average. I called only half-way excited to set up new service ( NFL Package) because i knew what i was in for since I was a former customer of theirs. I spent 45-50 mins on the phone setting up new service on Aug 29th. I was given a firm... Read more

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GREEDY SOB's You need to start allowing customers out of their contracts you are giving us the channels we signed up for. I have 2 more months left on my contract and as much as hate to I am going back to cable even if you restore the channels we lost. DirectTV has always been sneaky on raising rates and adding hidden fees. A service call is $50.00 to start and my service has never been 99% reliable more like 80% or less. Also get some... Read more

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