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The people at direct tv are horrible, sneaky crooks. First, lets start with installation.

I was at work so I had my sister stay and wait. The guy could not find my apartment building and called my sister and barked at her about this. She had me call him and give directions, and he still could not figure it out. He finally got there and yelled at me for not giving him the name of my complex.

Like I said, my sister was there for the installation so I do not know much about that. I checked my bill that day and signed up for auto pay because I never remember to pay bills. The first bill was painless, not the price they promised, but I figured that much due to start up fees and the like. Now, I signed up for a promotion where I could get my service for 30 per month.

This deals comes only after filling out a rebate form, and this can take some time. I checked my second bill to find that it was almost 100 dollars. I called to ask and they said they had to bill me for 2 months. I still do not know why.

Was I prepaying? Was I backpaying? She could not explain it to me. Then I noticed a late fee for my first bill.

How could I have a late fee when I signed up for auto pay the first day I had service? The girl said that it can take a few weeks for auto pay to activate??? How could it take that long?

Then I noticed a charge for a service plan that I never agreed to.

I told them to cancel and was told it would cost 10 dollars to cancel. I asked my sister about it, and if it was mentioned at installation. She said no, she was told to call a number within a week if I wanted to activate. Now I am moving and want to cancel service.

Now I am informed that I have an 18 month agreement and to cancel will cost 300 dollars. I am in the process of requesting documents. I am already getting the runaround. In one email, the lady said that Directv is very committed to informing customers about commitments and fees.


That whole company sucks.

Please look elsewhere for tv needs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Rebate.

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thats why you READ and compare before signing on dotted line. thats ur fault....

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