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Stay FAR away from DirecTV!!! Last month I called to schedule and install and asked about moving fees since I was about to move and could wait till after the move to install. I was assured that moving would not be a problem would be free.

So a few days later a man came to install and showed up at the end of the time window. I informed him I was in a hurry but knew it would take 2 hours. Three hours later he still couldn't figure it out even after calling his boss and coworker. Finally after looking at my phone about a million times he said he would come back to finish after my appoinment and asked how lond it would take and I told him and hour. He said fine and to call him when I returned and he would come back. Then it took him another 30 minutes to load his stuff.

Forty-five minutes later he calls me to find out where I am and he's impatiently waiting at the house. So a few minutes later I pull in and another 3hrs later he finally figures out how to install it. He also tells me it won't be a problem to move and leaves me parts for the move.

Later that night he calls and says his impact drill is missing, so with him on the phone I search the house and yard and can't find it. You can tell he's pissed and he said he would be out there the next day to look.

The next day he comes by and searches the yard then knocks on the door. Then I get a lecture on stealing and then he accuses my next door neighbors and wants to search their carport. I adviced him a few times not to and informed him my neighbors would prosecute if he did. He paced back and forth on the bank between our yards for 10-15 minutes all while giving me another lecture on stealing. Then he finally desides to leave after I reassure him multiple times that when the neighbors returned home that I would ask if they saw it and call him and another lecture.

The next day I ask the neighbor and his worker if they saw it and my neighbor was very upset that this man accused him, that he had to be stopped from searching his yard, and wanted to to file a complaint with DirecTV. So I did.

Where did this complaint get me? NO WHERE! Not even an apology.

A few weeks later I pay the bill and call to transfer the service to the new house. That's when I'm informed that it will be $136 to transfer. So I file another complaint and once again get no where. All this after being twice reinsured that the move would be free.

So then my husband calls to cancel the service after all the *** we had been through and they say that it will be over $400 to cancel the service and my husband told them where to stick it. All this after all the reinsurances that the move would be free and the problems with the install! Then the nasty woman tells my husband he will pay it or they will draft it out of our account against our will or they will sue. So my husband told them to go ahead an sue that we would get a lawyer and after all the problems that there would be no way DirecTV would win.

Stay away from this company!!! FAR FAR AWAY!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Service Transfer.

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DTV takes it out of the account they have on file for you without your knowledge or permission that was given by you when you signed on with them.That is why they insist on having an account on file. Also it is in their contract that they cannot be sued There is nothing you can do other than to close the account they have for you and perhaps use the arbitration process or stay with them for the duration of your contract.Be careful about getting any upgrades or equipment replacement as this will extend your contract for another 2 yr. They Are Nasty For Sure!