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I did not authorize DIRECT TV to take money from my bank account..I was not getting good service,and the rates kept going up,and I cancelled...I find that they took money from my account,and I NEVER gave them permission to do so....I am a senior citizen,living on SS,and this has caused a burden on me...If I need to contact my attorney,it will be worth the fees he charges,to make a point,and let others know what is going on....YOU CAN"T TAKE MONEY FROM SOMEONE"S ACCOUNT>>>>THAT IS STEALING!!!!!!!!

T Whitmire

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This just happened to me, Direct tv took 408.00 off of my debit card, without my consent. This was my rent money, now I am going to get a eviction notice.

I also canceled my service due to the fact we could not afford it anymore. Time for a class action law suit. We all deserve our money back. My e-mail is suzannetorrez@msn.com.

If anyone wants to talk to me. I am very upset about this and I am going to everthing I can to get my money back.


dtv is great n great at takin ur money w/o ur consent they r one of the biggest crooks out there never give those crooks any information u need not debit/credit/bank acct ect....they will get theirs in the rear end soon im headed to court w/ those *** im now happy w/ the money i save w/ dish n the pic is the same if not better for less down w/ the dtv monster


DTV took 767.81 out of my bank account today Oct 29 leaving me with 5.02 left until my next payday on November 26th. And here is the kicker- I do not have a direct TV account, I paid my boy friend's DTV bill like back in June and they kept my debit # on his account and used it to take all of my money when he canceled his service with them.

When I called them they said they would give me my money back if I changed the account into my name and signed a contract with them for service. If I am not mistaken isn't that EXTORTION and can I file criminal charges against them? Is there anything I can do, or is there anyone who can help me?

I am a disabled veteran who only gets paid once a month and now I have no idea how me and my family are going to eat this month. Please someone help this just doesn't seem right.


:p hi every1....i believe dtv really is the biggest scam...i have never had and never will get dtv...after all the things i read about them stealing and lying and scheaming i decided to go w/ cox...my local company...no contracts, no commmitments, no bs...dtv can rot...seriously...i hope every1 who has ever sued them gets all the money they deserve.


Direct TV stole $480.00 from me on 3/17

from my debit acct with out permission. It claims that I signed off on their taking money at will when I received my reciever.

i was told I would receive a refund shortly after my first phone call which I failed to document. on 3/25 John (employee# 350543 and was told the money would be in my acct soon.

On 4/7 marie (#1004358444) told me that it would be 6-8 weeks. i said it that was unexceptable and spoike wirh a supervior named Brian who promised to have it credited in 8-10 days.

Today (4/19, I spoke with Jackie (#100434542) and she said 6-8 weeks and her supervisor hung up on me after I refused to listern to he canned answers. I have spent over 3 hours on the phone to no avail and still have no refund.


re:acct. #82134652 Mike Hanks ll06 S. Main S

Paris,IL 61944.

I cancelled a work order since it would have

cost too much to wire the house for DTV. There was no work performed and no equipment received. DTV took money from my debit card without being authorized to do so and without providing any service or equipment.

I have placed several phone calls to DTV and was told I would get my money back in 6 weeks and each time I have never been given my money back. The last contact I made was on 7-20-09. At that time I was promised to be refunded by 8-05-09. Confirmation # of phone call 1-1-49549042779R. The person I spoke with told me their name was Sam.

I want my money back now. I am tired of being lied to every time I call customer service. If DTV ever wanted to keep a customer for the future they sure haven't treated me like I would have expected.

Can you please help me recover my money?

Please, someone respond to my complaint with the help I need.