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I let my girlfriend use my debit card to pay her account once , she didnt have her own , she is now my ex girl friend , I couldnt figure out why I have 1300,00 taken out of my bank account, that she was never on and I was never on here direct tv account , they just took it and said they were intitle to to because I let her once and said I also watch it , I havent watch her tv for months, and feel they stole my money and she did too ! because I wont get it back from her , I think about calling toledo 11 news first call for action , so everyone knows how bad direct tv is and how they steal and screw with people who never had a contracted or signed anything with them ,I will never have them and I plan on telling everyone I know who has it they are best to get it taken out , and encourage everyone to goo with there local cable company...dircet tv is nothing but steal and lie to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $1371.

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They did on my acct too. They debited my card 500 becayse i was late in payment.


Call news and file a small claims lawsuit, most likely will settle. At that dollar amount it is not worth them hiring a lawyer. What they did is illegal.


This sounds like stealing to me! DTV has no right to go into anyone's account and take money if he is not on the account!

I would not rest until I got my money back!

call or write your local "troubleshooter" at the local newspaper or TV station.File complaints with the BBB,FTC and Attorney General in your state surely someone will help you. You might also call your bank and ask to dispute the charges, sometimes they will work with you to get your money back


they did the same thing to me. I had to cancel my contract because i moved into an apartment that doesnt allow dishs.

I was going to pay it the next month. As soon as i put my $600 rent into my bank account direct tv automatically withdrew over $300 from my account. I reinstated my contract even tho im not using their service.

i have no equipment and im paying for the basic $30 plan. they are supposed to give me a refund of $222 its been over 38 days and i still dont have my money back.


no thats not how it happen, she found out she had cancer and made me leave , so I didnt have to deal with it , she only owed one month bill when she cancaled her serves , they charged her 300. for early withdraw and 500. for the equiment , that she was waiting for box from them to send it back, I offered to pay her bill one time to keep it on while she was down, that is how they got my card number , I had no idea nor did she that they , save them and attack you at the end , she sent back the equiment now , I wonder how long before that 500.00 gets refunded !


I agree with dbc3. You shouldn't be mad at Directv, they didn't do anything wrong. You should be mad at your ex and yourself


You invited a vampire into the room when you let your gf use your debit card. Then you didn't monitor activity on it until it was up to $1300???

You might just as well have thrown cash out the window of a moving train! Odds are she authorized auto payment and they are within their rights.

You're screwed and its your fault. Cancel the debit card and/or change bank accounts and don't hand your wallet to the next bimbo you hook up with.