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as of 6/1/2013 there was 110.26 taken from my card and i called the direct tv and i was told to do this because the account isnt in my name its in my ex husbands name he no longer lives at the address on file that he had the serivce hooked up at my card ending in 5112 was used twice and was not to be saved on file for anything this is not my matter in order for your company to take my money off my card for any reason at all i have called my bank also to file a report and to stop my card i shouldnt half to do any of this at all

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $110.

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I am sorry you went through with this hassle. Were you still using the direct tv. A lot of people think those cards with the chip in it is the only thing that will make it work. Thats not completely true. when they hook up your system, yes they need that card, but I've dealt with these chips. As a member of the military, every soldier is given a new ID after training. It has one of those gold colored chips in it. that chip can do so much more than hold pre-programed information. Anything you do or rent on demand, Anything you record. the information can be stored on this card. Years of your history can be put into that card. where you move to, and most importantly your personal information like credit cards. say you have directv and a smart tv, and you surf the web. you go on a site and put in your SN and CC. Direct tv can choose to use that information. if you ever close a account or end up in a separation or divorce. take those cards out and tell the other person to order new ones for $10. I dont know the capabilities of directv's chip in that card, but it is the same technology we use in our military id's, and a lot of soldiers and computer techs went through a lot of trouble to make sure the information on those cards could not be accessed through direct tv's wireless system and dish networks system. because there are certain levels of security with the military id's and the laptop you use if you have a really high security clearance. each card has it's own restrictions, but some can access real time footage from satellites. of course it is not just the card, but you cant start a car without keys. and those chips are keys to many different meaningless doors and some very meaningful doors. pretty much what I am saying is that it records all the info it can, and sends it to the provider.

Call your bank and do a charge back, if they say there isn't really much they can do, tell them to do whatever they can. they have to take directv to court if you tell them too if it is not authorized. at that point directv will give you your mon

ey back instead of going to court in this case


Anytime a card is used for ANY reason, in any format, DirecTV will use it for any outstanding balances owed. It's in the box you have to check to make a payment online, their reps repeat the usage disclosures over the phone, as does their automated system, and the form on the bill that you fill out with your card information to make a payment...

Also, calling your bank doesn't do anything. Learn some banking laws. They have to process all charges for 30 days after cancellation, and submitting a dispute just means that they have to contact the person taking the payment and request proof that the charges are valid...then presto, the bank has to process the charge.

It sucks in the case of a divorce, but it's the way the financial world works.