On September 1 called for appointment to reprogram our remote control. Scheduled appt.

for Sept 2 from 8-12. Staring around 2pm I called to find out where technician was. No answers. Finally was told, appointment was cancelled.

Never told us, just cancelled. Rescheduled for Friday, next day from 12-4. Waited, waited, waited. After many numerous calls and on hold over two hours was told.

He is running late, but will be there. Finally at 7 pm shows up. No apology, no reason why so late. He worked on remote and it appeared all ok.

He left. Did not feel comfortable with this man.

Four days late, remote goes out again. Called to reschedule. Again, was told technician would be here 12-4 Friday the 5th of September.

At 1 pm got a recording call saying, On his way. At 5 pm now one hour late I start calling again. But again, I have to wait on hold with three different telephone people and have to repeat the same old story yet again. This is the worse customer service that when I call no one can contact technician to see where they are.

I now was assured by your app that he would be here between 6-7. No call, no nothing. Then I look on app says between 7-8. What happened to my 12-4 window.

Why can’t someone call and give the curtesy to tell what is going on. Finally 8 pm the same guy as last week. Reprogram sand left. This morning does not work again.

HELP. I really need to speak to some management. I do not want this man in y home again. Just called to schedule again and was told they could not promise it won’t be him.

I said, I don’t feel comfortable with him so what do I do now.?? please help

Location: New London, Connecticut

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