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Since I had Direct TV installed, I have had nothing but problems. It started with them charging me for a box that I refused delivery of with the UPS delivery man (just as I was told to do by Direct TV).

I had a box from another source and didn't need it. They told me they had no record of receiving it back from UPS. I argued to no avail and was stuck paying for it. Lie number 1.

Next they told me AFTER installation of service that I can expect disruption in services whenever it rains...something the told me would rarely happen when I spoke to a rep before signing up and setting up an installation appointment. Lie number two. I have service interruptions very often, even when it is not raining. After 1 year of service my 2 year discount no longer existed.

Before signing up I was told by the salesman that I would receive a specific discount covering premium movie channels for 2 full years. Now I was told that the 2 year discount was only for a $10 discount, not the large discount (about $35 a month) for the premium movie channels. THAT discount was only for 12 months! Lie number 3.

I complained and eventually spoke to an account specialist who promised me that he was giving me a 6 month extension on the premium channels. Guess what? I checked my bill and it wasn't there... Lie number 4.

I called and spoke to yet another account specialist who said "we have no record of your prior call or any prior agreement." Another lie? Either a lie or incompetence...take your pick. Now she promised me a different 6 month extension of discounts, an amount half the amount I was promised by the phantom account specialist. I expect this to be a lie as well.

You can be the judge. By the way, main local channels are now dropping off due to contract disputes. We are told to tune to their special information website to get the latest news. But guess what again?

It didn't work...it provided no information and even the latest rep we called couldn't get on. This went on for over a week. Now we can access the site...it says we may be eligible to receive an alternate channel...just fill in certain information to see if we do... You guessed it...after filling in the information, all we could get were messages saying there is a problem with the site and we should check back later.

How many lies are we up to??? I've lost count. Their site does brag (or is it a feel sorry for us statement) that they have been engaged in over 80 contract negotiations this year. SO WHAT?

I think that is more a sign of incompetence than a sign of how hard they are working.

In the end, if you are looking for poor tv service, horrible customer service, and unending frustration, use Direct TV. This is why they make you sign a contract with them...they obviously know that they likely will lose you as customer in no time without one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: poor customer service, bad quality, bad delivery, pricing issues, misinformation, lies about product and pricing.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Directv Cons: Increase in fees, Poor, Sales and business practices, Misleading the consumer, Poor customer service.

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Obviously, this should be a zero star review, not 5 stars. Just before I posted the review, the system indicated 1 star (unfortunately, zero stars is not possible) as I had indicated.

After I posted it, somehow it changed to 5 stars.

I am unable to change it on the site so I am posting this comment. I see quite a few other negative reviews posted as 5 stars as well, so I think this may be a common problem with this site.