Thanks for your free gift of 3 month of sports.but i feel a great business would ask the consumer what they would of wanted,instead you guys gave us 3 months of the sports channels.well guess what I'm probably the only man who could care less about sports.i really feel direct should ask the customer what they prefer.i would of been just as happy with one paid preview movie.one movie for 3 months.once again i want to thank for what direct TV done but think about what you do instead of assume.thanks again,not complaining just voicing my opinion.

Review about: Directv Customer Care.

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I think Direct tV offers terrible technical support. It is difficult to offer constructive feedback.

Of all the companies I deal with I give Direct TV the lowest marks for customer service. The tech support people who come to my house always offer "extras on the side" to fatten their incomes. I recommend Direct TVs management actually be a field service tech for one year and then they might understand what irritates customers.

I am switching to another service provider.

Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States #641001

it is unfortunate the poor service provided by the staff and the cost is very high abusive. :(


How can Lindia Martin get fox channel in new york and Los Angeles in 20 min I put a waver in 1_14_2012 last Saturday this not fair to me I still dont have them a week later I thougt if your on the east coast you get channel 398 if on west coast you get channel 399 not both channel changeing needs improvement mr Pendleton


I am upset about wsvn channel 7 I would like it replaced with another fox channel from new york or any one along the east coast I was told that I would get the new york channel please do something about this I cannot aford to rewire all 8 tvs for and outside anttena or inside anttenas that cost 35.00 a piece thank you mr Pendleton mk


Prices of programing I have 8 recivers I think that we should get a discount after 3 recivers 6.00 is to much to pay mounthly I would like to see 1 reciver control 2 tvs then I would not need 8 recivers I have been a custmer for 7years I want offers so my bill wont be so high thank you mr Pendleton


the way you have changed the colors on the program heads and dvr color to black what were you rhinking! can't see the words everything so blury change it back! you've been great till now i'd hate to have to change to dish :cry :cry


Thanks for the 3 free months of Showtime although it was disconnected after approximately on month. Will it be turned back on?

Account # is 009886056


thank you for the free gift of the game channel for 3 months my grandchildren will enjoy it very much


Thank you for three months of 10 channels . You are the best Dish and cable sucks. Lewis8313@sbcglobal.net


Thanks so much for the 3 free months of Showtime...It was great because of the great choices in movies.


Thamks but no thanks, but i do love my directv.


Where do I write to stop Showtime now-my free three months gift.

Where do I write to stop Cinema now-my new free three months gift.

Thanks for the info.

Thanks, but no thanks for the free gifts.

Sincerely, Thomas King


am a loyal member of direct tv for 9 years. also subscribed to nfl ticket for same years.

at 300+ .i see new subsribers get free.up knowledge of this i dropped nfl ticket.I FEEL I SHOULD REICIVE THE SAME TICKET AS A NEW SUBSCRIBER.AFTER IN SPENDING A TOTAL OF $2700 over 9 years. I AM NOT A HAPPY MEMBER


Thanks you f or the 3 months of encore I like this idea!


:? Thanks for 3 free months of showtime but I also can't find where to enter my accout number. If this ever gets to you cause I don't know what my code number is why don't you make your web site easier to access.


Guess what I got......3 months of game lounge......I could care less!!!!!


Grasias por el regalo.


Thanks so much for the nice gift. I sure will be useing it.Thanks again. Allen


You have made my day. Love Direct TV and your gift of NFL Sunday Ticket is very much appreciated.


:( Poor choice of gifts after 11 years of service. Movies would be better.

Don't even care about game lounge.Cheep gift you keep if this is the bestyou got. Thanks but no thanks.

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