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When I re-ordered Direct TV I was told I didn't have to have a contract. When the unit was installed they wanted me to sigh the contract and I refused so the installer called the office and was instructed to wright on the contract that the agreement was waved as per Direct TV with his initales and ID#.

About 1-1/2 years later I droped the service and was billed a disconnect fee. I made a photo copy of the agreement and sent it to Direct TV and they said the installer had no right to wave the agreement and want me to pay the disconnect fee. I have been in several contract signings and when someone makes a change in a contract that is how it is done. I called my attorney and he said I would have no way of knowing that the installer didn't have the right to do that and that makes it legally binding and would stand up in any court.

He said don't pay it and I should file a law suit if they put it into collection. (

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