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On Monday March 07 2011 at 7:00 PM, I called Direct TV to complain about a black square "the size of Direct TV logo" on the bottom right side of the TV.

The technical support guides me for troubleshooting to resolve the problem. She told me that she can't help me and I need to call the TV manufacturer "VIZIO" maybe they can help otherwise I need to call back to issue a damage report. The VIZIO TV customer support told me that there is a picture stuck in that spot and cause to burn the TV "Case #1530338".

I Called back Direct TV to Issue a damage report and she told me that she cant do that because it is not related to their equipment Which it was caused by their equipment. I requested to talk to her supervisor. After few minutes the supervisor talked to me her name is Denise, she was aggressive, doesn't want to listen, and her respond was defensive without evaluating the problem. She was telling me that the equipment will not cause that problem therefore they would not compensate me for the damage caused by their logo. I tried to reason with her by telling her that the only equipment is connected to the TV is the DTV receiver. She still was saying that it is impossible that their equipment will cause the problem.

I requested if a technician would come in and evaluate the situation maybe DTV equipment caused the problem. She did not agree. As a result I found that it is no use talking to someone that doesn't want to listen to the customer complains.

I don't Appreciate DTV treatment and not been responsible for their equipment. At least they should investigate the problem and if it was the reason for the damage to my TV then they should compensate for the damage instead of training their supervisors to defend their product without listening to the problem positively to improve their product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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None of the so called burn-in protection has worked on my new plasma tv. There is a huge X in the sky of any landcape sceen This is the X from DirecTV's news mix station.

It really takes the enjoyment out of a western to see a huge X in the sky and DirecTV in the lower right hand side mixed in with other station logo's.

For anyone interested there are class action lawsuits being formed.

Just google Burn-in lawsuits.

All they have to do is make the logo's lighter or moving to solve this problem. Many stations have done so.


on older computers if you left them on they would burn a ghost image on your screen. DTV has done it again they should know better it is their equipment.

I have a visio and their *** messed mine up.

Teir service reps are idiots who have no authority to do anything. They do not give ***


If this is a plasma television then there is an option in the menu that will have you cycle the screen. It will remove the burn.

If an LCD, this is called Image Persistence, you can correct the issue. Just let the TV power off when you're not watching it, and if you are the kind of person that falls asleep in front of the TV. Turn on the DirecTV screen saver. They have settings where after X amount of time it will go into a screen saver mode.

Either way, LCD or Plasma, the problem can be fixed. So don't blame DirecTV for that.

However, do blame them for their poor customer service and bad attitudes!


How about you change the channel in your television for once, instead of being ***. It's called burn in, thats not direcTV's fault, thats your fault because you never shut your tv off.


Directv does not care about improving their product. They only care about making money by screwing their customers.


Vizio is ***.