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When the problems started

I had a TV go out and did not replace the unit for several months and direct TV cut the service to the unit. I had the service restarted and just ignored the fact that the unit was not operating even though I had paid for the service. A few months pass and my receiver failed though I think the card was the problem. Direct TV sent a replacement receiver thought this was a great service. However Direct TV failed to disclose my contract was extended or that the new unit was now considered leased. (I was looking into a job overseas and was trying to figure out what kind of commitments I had) Direct TV informed I was under a new contract since one of my four receivers was replaced. I'm sort of suspicious now and wonder if Direct corrupted the receiver to extend my contract? I would hope this is not the case. Anyhow I was not stopping service yet my account Direct TV cut a few days later. Called direct TV they said they waived the lease commitment -- though I'm still not sure why an inquiry would cause a service to be cancelled? Since DTV cancelled/reestablished my service DTV is still billing for the replacement receiver -- I called Direct TV they said they fixed the problem -- of course it showed up on the next month's bill.

I addressed the fact that I owned the receiver that was replaced and this receiver should show-up as an additional receiver (I owned) not leased. We never came to an agreement on this point. DTV main point is that I received the information in the mail after the receiver was replaced. I told them that the leased receiver and extension of the contract should have happen-up front. They also told me that I was told up front -- Which they did not happen Since DTV records call -- I asked them to produce the recording -- I knew what the answer was going to be. I asked for my old receiver back since I did not own this one I wanted my original equipment back -- Of course they were not willing to send one back -- I knew that answer just wanted to here the excuse. .

1. Direct TV stopped my account because I made a simple inquiry

2. Cancellation caused additional billing on my account.

3. A receiver failed circumstances are suspect

4. Receivers was shut down even though I was still paying the bill

5. I was entered into an additional year contract with out this being disclosed up front.

6. The receiver I owned is now leased -- But I cannot get my equipment b

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Replacement.

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Please don't attemt to solve your problem by going to Dish Network for relief.I could tell you a horror story about that.Believe me cable is your best solution.With cable you are dealing with local folks,with Directtv and are dealing with broken english from other lands.


Darn! I'm afraid too up grade. I am going to look into cable now.