Rocklin, California
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The Direct TV package I ordered (the minimum available) was to have free installation. The installers came to my apartment on June 1,2010 and told me it would be $100 for a "special-mount" installation for a pole to get up beyond the bushes.

And, they wanted cash! I was so upset, I told them I didn't have "extra" money. I am barely staying financially afloat. They told me they could take $50.

I had no cash on me so they followed me to my bank to get the money. I had to skip paying another bill so that I could have tv service. As it turned out there was nothing out of the ordinary about the mount. The "special pole" I supposedly paid for is only 24 inches -- which is shorter than the mount that came with the dish.

And, it does not reach above the bushes. I told them that, and they said 'you have reception, don't you'. I called the contact number an was told they would look into it. It is now August 24th and I have not heard a thing, nor received a refund.

I am on a very limited income and feel like I have been scammed by the company and the installers the company has contracted with. I am going to report this to the California Better Business Bureau!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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