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The changes that Directv made to their onscreen channel guide and playlist recordings must have been satisfied by the lowest bidder meeting VERY minimum qualifications. I discovered that now when I look at shows I have recorded, the date and time of the show is missing!!

Oh, what - they saved 10 cents by leaving that information off?!? Really?!? So, I have a show I record every day while I'm at work. If I don't watch it for a couple of days, I do not know from the listing which episode is the oldest.

What a concept - - I would really like to watch them in order :o The music channels they have recently switched to recently are equally as AWFUL!! Again, I am sure it is to save money while my bill gets raised at least twice a year with no changes made by me. I already had made up my mind that I was switching to Dish, just waiting for the ground to dry so they can install their satellite - - this has just reaffirmed my decision.

Things have only gotten much worse since the merger with AT&T. Good riddens!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Channel guide, recording playlist.

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How can we view recorded shows when not listed on the playlist?


When the *** are you going to fix the playlist problems of shows dropping off the list?? DirecTV, you are losing customers, or haven’t you noticed?


I have never been so disappointed In directtv until you changed the guide and recordings! What is wrong with you?

People complain and nothing is being done. It’s not a computer!

It’s a list of tv programs- keep it simple! You guys suck


Hate the recorded list and disappearing recordings. However, their competition only gave us ONE major network in our area to watch due to "disputes".


After being a directv customer since 1995 I am coming to the end.


The “update” was a step backwards. Terrible revision, simply awful.


I also dislike the changes. I have an older dvr in one bedroom and it's guide is the previous type.

Seems friggin ridiculous that I have to go turn that one on just to find out the "new" one is lying sas to what's recorded. AND they are tied together.

On the flip side.....sometimes the newer one shows all information. So there's that............


If you hit zero to sort the list alphabetically it brings the show back


That doesn't work for everyone. I've tried everything and still can't find my lost shows.

Im so pissed at directv. This has been going on for about a year now and it's still not fixed. Ridiculous.

They want their money on time though. I haven't figured out what I'm paying them for bc I record all the shows we watch and even I go to watch them half are missing.....randomly too.


We also will be canceling DirecTV as we watch almost all of our shows as recordings.


I think ATT wants to move the Directv customer base to ATT Uverse. They bought Directv purely to move the customer base as the satellite business is phased out.

The LIST functionality on the Genie is useless. I still have an HR24 along with a Genie.

When I cannot find it on the list on Genie, I can find it on the list on the HR24, start to play it and then it shows up on the Genie List. Moronic!


ha. that was my workaround as well.

pita, but the only way to find your show. Dtv is now Stv.


I don't understand why playlist and menu formats were changed. I can't see total playlist most of the time. If Directv doesn't fix the change, then I may have to change provider.


I completely agree!


We have had Directv for 6 years. Not happy at all.

We record shows and they do not show up in the list. No reason for this kind of incompetence!


Every day US a new adventure with the recorded list.I called today and estimated date of fix is now Dec!!!


I also hate the new playlist, When I hit 0 to sort I can only find shows to first letter L. I hate it.

Go back to the old way. This new one is awful!!!!


Since AT&t took over Direct tv sucks from programming lists which records programs over and over & those recorded u now cant FF or RW whole reason u record in the first place


The merger and now the $5.00 to talk to real person for support to your product, is like buying a 4 door car with 3 seats...


I am so sick of only getting partial playlists. And there is nothing on the website that I can find to fix it.

For the first time, I am considering cancelling Direct TV.

What good does it do to record something if you can't find it. Does anyone know how to get the entire playlist?