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The changes that Directv made to their onscreen channel guide and playlist recordings must have been satisfied by the lowest bidder meeting VERY minimum qualifications. I discovered that now when I look at shows I have recorded, the date and time of the show is missing!!

Oh, what - they saved 10 cents by leaving that information off?!? Really?!? So, I have a show I record every day while I'm at work. If I don't watch it for a couple of days, I do not know from the listing which episode is the oldest.

What a concept - - I would really like to watch them in order :o The music channels they have recently switched to recently are equally as AWFUL!! Again, I am sure it is to save money while my bill gets raised at least twice a year with no changes made by me. I already had made up my mind that I was switching to Dish, just waiting for the ground to dry so they can install their satellite - - this has just reaffirmed my decision.

Things have only gotten much worse since the merger with AT&T. Good riddens!!

Review about: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Channel guide, recording playlist.

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The big box covers a large portion of the list of programs. Having to scroll up or down to see all the entries does not improve the user interface.


The "new" guide SUCKS!. and there is a big blue box which covers 30% of the playlist.....WTF


Ours “updated” (initial reaction is this was a “downgrade”) around 17 May 2018. No warning, no instruction message for the new format.

Just figure it out. I assume this is like all of the Microsoft, Apple and other software “updates” that are “more intuitive,” unless you’re used to seeing something “the way its always been” and receive no heads-up about the change.

Very frustrating. The DVR also now seems to be recording all previous showings instead of new, too.


I completely agree!!! This was rolled out to my receivers yesterday and now I can’t figure out when a show was recorded. It’s a complete mess!Who would think that removing the date/time of a recording would be a good idea?!?!This is a big FAIL!


The change in DIRECTV channel guide and the playlist is awful!!!The font is too small, the screen is dark and I would like to know why it was changed ? If this is not changed back soo it may cause many of us to switch to another satellite provider....

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