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The changes that Directv made to their onscreen channel guide and playlist recordings must have been satisfied by the lowest bidder meeting VERY minimum qualifications. I discovered that now when I look at shows I have recorded, the date and time of the show is missing!!

Oh, what - they saved 10 cents by leaving that information off?!? Really?!? So, I have a show I record every day while I'm at work. If I don't watch it for a couple of days, I do not know from the listing which episode is the oldest.

What a concept - - I would really like to watch them in order :o The music channels they have recently switched to recently are equally as AWFUL!! Again, I am sure it is to save money while my bill gets raised at least twice a year with no changes made by me. I already had made up my mind that I was switching to Dish, just waiting for the ground to dry so they can install their satellite - - this has just reaffirmed my decision.

Things have only gotten much worse since the merger with AT&T. Good riddens!!

Review about: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Channel guide, recording playlist.

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My playlist is missing shows that were recorded too. Sometimes it will only show 1 or 2.

Hate all these changes. AT&T has totally screwed up Direct TV


For some reason I can't see all my recordings. I know they all should be there because I didn't erase them and my playlist isn't full.

Even if it was, there are still way older things that I can see. What the heck is the problem?

Never had this happen when DirecTV wasn't part of AT&T. Now they have become as second rate as AT&T has been for years.


Since the "upgrade" my recorded shows have been disappearing and reappearing at will. It's starting to get old... FAST!

to NOTaMAGICIAN #1538834

Same here!


Please give me an idea of when this will be fixed, I called yesterday and they said they were working on it. Patience will only last so long.


I’ve had nothing but problems since the change. My bedroom receiver and remote now has a 3-5 second delay!

Half the tricks and functions I once was able to do no longer works. The system itself seems to run like a slow downgraded dinosaur system. I keep thinking it’s the remote but it’s just the response time has been compromised also. It’s the most annoying thing ever to push buttons on your remote and nothing happens!

But then the remote works fine on the main box! I have no idea what all is happening as I’ve had a technician out 5 times now and the problems are no better!

I just no things got a hundred percent worse with the new change. I’m bout ready to leave the who entire set up after all the *** I have had to go through!


New format is just awful, not to mention the playlist regularly not showing recorded shows. And why on earth enlarge to ridiculous proportions any show you highlight in any list? Whoever signed off on these changes needs to be fired.




We’ve been customers of DIRECTV for at least 24 years, and this is the first time we’re seriously considering canceling our service. Our playlist is constantly missing programs.

Yes, I know how to get them back but an hour later they’re gone again. This is not acceptable!!

to William Walker #1534683

How do you get them back? I've been having all these problems also.


Playlist not showing all recorded programs on main receiver. After resetting , all recorded pgms appear, with most disappearing later in the day.

New user interface unfriendly and is to Directv what the 'new and improved' coke was to the original years ago. Many subscribers will flee Directv with this 'upgrade'.


direct hooks you in then their playlist is way to short and repeats. Sick of Sam Davis Jr.


Why is everything not showing up under the All Recordings tab? Isn't that the point of having it?

I HATE this!

I don't want to have to search through 8 different tabs to find my shows. This is ridicous and stupid.


So now my playlist has been altered and I really have to hunt to find the recordings I had made. Things just keep getting better with DirecTV.


Makes me wonder if the person who thought this "new guide" would be an improvement is the same person who thought that "ihob" would be an improvement over "ihop"!?! That's "progress" for ya, I guess!


Agree 200%. And what's the deal with not ALL of your playlist showing up under the ALL RECORDINGS tab?

Who designed this? The 12 year old son of a Comcast executive?


I’m so tired of this recording program crap! Bring back the old programming system, please!!


we can't find program we recorded and then next thing you know it shows up and then goes away


This new playlist sucks big *** can’t even see all my recordings under the section all recordings! Makes sense right. *** directv and ATT


It’s horrible

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