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we have had directv for several months or over a year, whatever, we have had more problems with it than any other company used in the past. We pay around 100.00 a month for bad service, if it sprinles outside we loose service, i have had to have a box replaced already, and when you call trouble shooting , you either end up resetting it or unplugging it and it just screws it up more, we once went 3 days after doing this and was still charged the too high price of aprx.

100.00 . For that much money i feel that i should have the best service out there,i also feel that you at directv own the boxes so if there is a problem with them you should have better customer service and come check the *** boxes or whatever out. No, you want to make as much money off your custmers as possible so you charge your customer to come out and check your owm merchandise. that is pathetic.

I feel we are being ripped off as consumers. And you dont care just so the bill gets paid whether we the consumer are satisfied or not. I think directv is a joke. I am very pissed that we pay all this money and get ripped off every month..

I will be looking into dish network, i hear good things about them, thanks for ruining my only night off for six days that i could actually stay up and watch t.v. oh, but i forgot i have directv.

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hey there smart one dish network has more complaints then directv. just an fyi