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On September 4, 2009 I cancelled my service with the satellite provider DIRECTV, I was moving from San Luis Obispo ca, to Petaluma ca. The company said they would be sending me cardboard boxes to package the satellite receivers and remotes that would need to be returned to DIRECTV. Unfortunately, the boxes did not arrive in time by my moving date, so I gave the new tenants $50 to return the equipment for me. However, by mid December the new tenants informed me the boxes did not arrive. I wondered, was the equipment obsolete and too dated, so DirecTV did not want it back?

Sadly, on December 16th 2009 I discovered the company had continued charging my credit card $125.00 per month for the cancelled service. As a result,

I called DIRECTV on December 16th and explained they had made an error by billing me for a terminated service. Next, my call was placed in the hands of an indifferent account operator who said she could not reverse all of the charges, but could compensate me for one month's charges. She ultimately explained it was my problem that DIRECTV had made the account error. Her poor customer service and weak efforts became annoying; I asked to be transferred to an account specialist. I waited on hold for over one hour and then discovered they had dropped my call. Immediately, I called the company back and within ten minutes I was placed in the hands of an account specialist. The account specialist was a gracious man who apologized for their error. In fact, he said they would immediately terminate any activity and would at once refund me for all of the charges post September 4, 2009. He said it might take a day or so for the charges to be reversed to my credit card. Nevertheless, on December 18, 2009 I was again charged $125.00 by DIRECTV, not credited the $500 dollars I was promised. On December 22, 2009 I contacted the company by email to again refute the wrongful charges; I received an email stating it would take upwards of 6-8 weeks for the charges to be reversed.

Unfortunately, for me I had not opened the credit card statements DIRECTV had been charging me on. I paid off the credit card months before and did not use it because of the high interest rate. Now, I have over $500 dollars charged on my Bank of America credit card with a 30% interest rate and late charges. Moreover, the fees and interest rates will continue to accumulate because I do not have the finances to cover DIRECTV's mistake.

In my 24 years on earth I have never dealt a more unprofessional, and inconsistent company. I want the charges reversed today.

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