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AT&;;;;;T: Hi, Im AT&Ts automated virtual assistant. How can I help you today?

Me: manager

AT&T: Got it! For DIRECTV help, you can get started with these top links:

See your bill

Make a payment

Use Troubleshoot & Resolve for TV issues

Get help signing in or accessing account

See more options

Me: manager

AT&T: Please select one of the topics to chat about below:




Check order status

Move or Modify Service

Technical Support

Sign in & Password Support

Me: Technical Support

AT&T: Please tell us your first name.

Me: mel

AT&T: Thank you. You will now be connected to a specialist for device support.

We are now transferring you.

Agent Beatriz enters chat

Beatriz: Hello! my name is Abby. I'll be happy to assist you today. Please give me a minute to review your request.

Me: I want to speak with a manager

Beatriz: Sure! To better assist you, allow me to involve my manager to take care of your case. Please stay connected.

Beatriz has left the chat

You are being transferred, please hold...

Agent Marvin enters chat

Marvin: hi

Me: Are you a manger?

Marvin: yes

Marvin: how can i help you

Me: I am having issues with my equipment. Can you see my account and devices?

Marvin: can i get you account or phone number please


Me: 404-697-****

Marvin: Thank you.

Marvin: what type of issues

Me: 3 of my receivers cannot access on demand

Marvin: ok

Marvin: how long the problems is being going

Me: I chatted about this a few weeks ago and your agent sent me 3 more wireless genie boxes

Me: there is a maximum of 4 and I already have 4

Marvin: ok

Me: I need the 3 HD boxes to have on demand. the wireless genie already get on demand

Marvin: so you need 3 more

Me: I need to hard wired boxes that are on demand capable

Marvin: ok i see . but , that will be an additional charge

Me: what is that charge

Marvin: $99. for each box

Me: what? why? maybe I should with over to cable

Me: they do not charge for boxes

Marvin: sorry but directv is not allowed to set equipment at no cost can we set the order for the account it will be just one time charge

Me: ok so charge me $1 for each box then

Marvin: $99.00 for each one , can i set the order

Me: I need someone who can help me or I will cancel my service

Marvin: ok please ehlpe me and feel free to call our cancelation depto here is the number 800288****

Me: your not even in the USA are you?

Me: *** horrible customer service

Marvin: Thank you.

Marvin: Thank you for choosing AT&T. We appreciate your business!

Thank you for chatting with us today. The agent has left this conversation. Please continue to browse our website and use our self-service options.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

DIRECTV Pros: Nfl package.

DIRECTV Cons: Horrible customer service.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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