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We have had your service for over 2 years with no major problems other than the DVR installer did not know what he was doing. After getting a call from Dish 4 Less from Miami Florida we added my mother's Tv and paid an extra fee of course.All of the sudden after the first billing statement for my mother and us that we paid in full our service was terminated.

We keep asking to talk to a manager and don't get one they keep talking about fraud and have asked us to send drivers license, ss#, proof of residence etc for my 84 year old mother.

If there is any fraud is on their side. The BBB should investigate this people.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

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Brian is correct if you live in two different places you must pay for two different houses. If your mom doesnt live with you, and the services are on at both houses at the same time, then you must pay two different bills or it is Fraud, thats stealing. You would be lucky if they dont sue you for this, that is again if your mom was indeed not living at the same address as you, because you are technically in the wrong.


It is considered illeagle to have one account with multiple locations. If you added a reciever in your mother's home that was being billed to you home account it is considered fraud. She needs to open her own account.

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