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I called and canceled my service 1 day after getting it hooked up because we were not statisfied with what we received. We were mislead.

They did not cancel my service after the first day I had to call back two more times before it was disconneted. Therefore according to their records I had service for 4 days. I was told I would be billed for a cancellation fee and could dispute the charges. Then I checked my checking account a week later and they debted my account for $526.52 which I never authorized and made me overdrawn.

I never signed any paperwork for the service when it was installed and I never authorized for them to deduct any money from my account other than the first transaction. When I called to complain they tried to tell me when I signed up and gave them my credit card number to pay for the one time charge of $100 that they have the right to charge my card if I cancelled. I was never informed of this and never authorized or received anything in writing to state they would do this.

I am extremenly pissed!

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Directv terms & conditions of use state they can use any card information they have on file to collect a balance if there is any-whether you want to dispute it or not (section 5e). By using any service or any company you are agreeing to their terms and conditions, whether you are aware or not.

after dealing w/ this from another company, I read the terms & conditions for any service.

I actually read it, not just skim it. those few extra minutes can be worth it.

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