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I have been reading other reviews on here and many agree, DirecTv lies! Horrible customer service.

I got their service a couple years ago. When I talked to a representative they told me certain channels i wanted were going to be in the package I ordered. I got the service, no channels i asked for. Tried to change it, all they can say "sorry".

Two years later when i cancelled, apparently I still owed money.

Without my knowledge or authorization they took $260 from my bank account, when i called they refused to return my money. F**CKINGLIARS DONOTUSETHEM THEYLIEEE

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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This company does lie and there is no way you can talk to them about the invalid charges on your statement. I am trying to talk to them about my $404.11 bill which is now $554.04.

Because I got into an argument with one of their customer service reps on Saturday. I also sat on hold for more them 45 minutes trying to work out the problem and come to some kind of agreement with them.

I am not sure what to do about this. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I had them for over 12 years and asked to have my service put on hold for 2 months.I owned all my equipment,I bought it when you could buy your satellite dish at Sears and install it yourself,when I came back and called to have it turned back on they told me it had been shut off by me and I would have to pay an installer to have it back on.At my cost at 200 hundred dollars a visit.Needless to say 5 years later I don't have them and won't.I don't care about what's on today anyways,all this reality garbage,there's enough drama in life as it is.



No other cable company charges the customer to move their service and not only that, they do this whole campaign where they claim to take the burden off you by moving you for free... ALL A HUGE FRAUD!! Not only that but since I'm under contract if I don't pay over $200 for them to "move" my service I will have to pay the early termination fee. NEVER USE THEM.

THEY USE LIES AND FRAUD to hook you and then refuse to do anything about it during the most stressful time in your family's life (moving). After over an hour on the phone when I should have been packing... I gave up and said that is IT.

I am hanging up now and you are not getting ANOTHER DIME FROM ME. :(


DirectTv's direct ads gave the impression at their price ranges that the reception will be all digital. Upon installation the reception was not digital or HD but 480 resolution, something you can't even watch! We called and the technician came by the next day because we thought the cable not being HDMI could be the cause for no HD. It turned out, that to have HD the price will go up 3x. I immediately cancelled the order and asked them to remove the equipment. But they wanted to charge me $450 cancellation fee. I didn't even use the service because it installation was at my rental house. We had to wait all afternoon for installation on Sunday and all morning on Monday for the technician to show up. They have the audacity to charge me for cancellation fee and ask me to put the equipment into return boxes and pay for the shipment back!

DirectTV is a shady business. Don't mind paying more if we are informed of the actual cost and actual product.

This is simply an unethical and dishonest company that doesn't deserve to stay in business.


I actually work for a Directv Retention department. I talk to plenty of customers every day that decide to irresponsibly sign a legal agreement without reading the terms or refuse to review the order placed.

Order confirmations are mailed out for the orders before installation, the technician has a work order copy required to be signed by you or your adult representative, and you always have access to the customer agreement. It will clearly state fees, standard or high definition and the length of agreement. Your complaint lacks any validity on how the channels are not digital or how the company is shady.

There are plenty of reasons to hate DTV (or any cable company) but your situation is entirely your lack of awareness in a legal agreement. I dislike the company I work for and in this case I have to side with them.


I have directv and my only complaint is about the available channels. They did lie to me at the time of signing.

But for the rest, you're totally right. They just apologized and offered me a way more expensive package to get that one soccer channel i wanted.

The contract is over, i'm leaving. And one of my friends quit their company because she didn't want lie to people anymore.


Direct TV lies to its customers and cons people into 2 yr agreements without holding up to their end of a deal. I have been with them since 1994 and I am disgusted with them. Do not use Direct TV!!!