Glendale, California

This is my FIRST & hopefully my LAST BAD review.

In December 2011, I called Direct TV to find out about any special deals. They assured me that I could have 24 months for $29.99. While speaking to them, I wrote down everyone's names and operator codes. I repeated everything and they all assured me every word was true. I was an English major and have a background in legal issues, so, yes, I was VERY detailed and wrote everything down.

They come to install it and afterwards show me a paper saying the price will go up after 1 year -?!?! What a SCAM!!!

On the paper I signed, I wrote down exactly what I was originally agreeing to.

Only question now is - when would I ever have the time to sue them to leave them?

Then I see all over the net how they make it so difficult to close your account, return your boxes, etc?!?!

I've moved since then and had to suspend my account several times until I moved somewhere where they don't allow satellites on the roof which may change. Of course, they are still trying to charge me during this suspension and keep screwing up the suspension dates.



If they had a shred of decency, they'd just let me out of their phony contract. I didn't even have time to write all this today, but I just got off the phone with them now after a really aggravating conversion trying to explain to them (again) how my account is suspended and therefore stop trying to charge me and I HAD TO VENT AND WARN OTHERS ABOUT THEIR DISGUSTINGNESS.

I would be HAPPY to edit my review to 5 STARS (& reverse it to a positive review) if they showed some PRINCIPLES and let me out of their BS contract!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I agree with you 100% DTV is well known for making their own rules.The best thing to do is make sure they do not have access to your bank account or credit card if they do change the numbers or accounts.Do not accept any replacement equipment or order anything new because this extends your contract 2 more yrs.when returning their equipment be sure to get a tracking # to prove they get it. DirectTV is a Scam and I for one hope eventually their dishonesty will catch up with them but it has not so far.


I just got off the phone with some similar results. This company is truly lacking in integrity.

I had a commitment from them to keep my rate for 12-months beginning in November of 2012. Then today my bill comes in and it is $3 higher. So maybe the $3 is no big deal but the principle is a huge deal to me. I was on the phone for over an hour but not able to get any real results.

I will cancel my service at the end of the current contract period without fail and will NOT continue to do business with them. Makes me want to do what I know many others are doing and get "FREE TV" without the use of their satellite dish.................

Only that takes away my integrity and I would not stoop that low even though they do. :zzz


You are welcome to get out of the contract if you pay the remainder of the CONTRACT.Everyone know's that when you enter an contract with any "Television NETWORK COMPANY"THE special's are only good for 1 YEAR after the SPECIAL you must pay the regular amount for the service you are requesting.You majored in "English HUH!To bad you did not "Major in how contract's work".Have you ever heard the saying "I BUY YOU BOOK'S and SEND YOU TO SCHOOL" And guess what"You RETURN HOME THE SAME AS WHEN YOU LEFT.Get over it.