Denver, Colorado

We ordered Direct to upgrade our cable. Order was for a 3 TV installation including 2 HD TVs.

Installers claimed they could not install cables for the 2 HDs, only the old one in my 5.1 surround system.

They installed the EQ and when I asked about the HDMI, they saifd it was not HD. I said I was upgrading my system and they said , no problem, just call to upgrade when you are ready.

Today we called and were told, the upgrade short of 6 months of initial install would require some extra fees... nearly $300, and then extra $ per month for service.

No problem with the extra per month, but, I have a huge problem with the extra fees.

Turns out I work across the street from Direct TV in Denver and will take a coffee break tomorrow AM and have a chat with them.

One question will be with 2/3 of my TVs HD already why in the *** did they install old low quality BS in my house?

And we will take it from there.

I will not pay a $0.01 for their extortion...I'll wait until my 6 months expire in a couple months and order the upgrade w/o penalties.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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So let me get this right you signed a work order saying it was installed correctly then complain dtv is right for charging you for the upgrade not their fault your a fu*king *** sign nothing until your sure everything is correct deal with your own stupidly not dtv fault in the least


Hey there....DTV did almost the EXACT same thing to me !!! What is their deal with that???

When the installation guy is HOOKING UP MY 46" HD TV, why would he NOT mention that he had just installed a STANDARD receiver??? The picture was AWFUL; all out of focus and pixelly. I called "cus -out service"( the person on the other end of the phone used the "F" word while putting me on hold)where they INFORMED me, AFTER the fact, that my tv would require the HD a cost to ME of $10.00 per month(plus more fees and taxes)bringing my bill to almost $40.00 when I was told my "bill" total would be $28.00. At this point in time, I had the satellite service for 23 HOURS !!!

This was the 3rd and FINAL problem with their service (in 36 hrs) so I canceled my service.

They told me they would take $460.00 from my bank account to cover the "fine" for cancelling; I canceled my debit card as he was telling me that on the phone!!! I post a BEWARE Direct TV on craigslist EVERY DAY.