Here is a copy of a letter I sent Direct TV. I filed a complaint with the attorney general and the FCC.

I recently moved to a new home and called Direct Tv to have my service transferred. At that time I was told that you had a special offer and would give me Starz and Showtime free for 3 months. The installation person came out and said that I had too many trees on my property and would not be able to have service. I called Direct Tv to have my subscription canceled because I could not get reception.

A few days later I asked my neighbor if I could connect to his satellite and he told me it was not a problem. I called customer again to have the installer to come out. He made the connections required for the TV to get the signal.

Last week I called Direct Tv to make a payment and found out that my balance was over $700 for the cancelation fee and the DVR. I didn’t cancel my subscription and I’m still using the DVR. Customer service took off the cancelation fee and the DVR and I made the payment of $193.31. I didn’t see any credit for Starz and Showtime. Why did your company tell me I would get them for free when you don’t follow up with your offer?

On August 8th my checking account was deducted $214.50 for the cost of the DVR. I called customer service again and was told I would get a refund. Today I called again and was told it would take several business days and refund check would be mailed.

This is unacceptable! I was told on several different occasions that the DVR was not going to be on my bill and I was still charged for it anyways. I want the refund returned the same was it was taken out of my account.

I’m writing the FCC and posting on websites about the bad business practices Direct Tv has. I’m also going to change all account numbers associated with my account with you if a refund isn’t in my account by the end of the week. When I send your payment it will be in a money order. I’m afraid to let you have any of my account information!

I’d like to know how this is going to be resolved in a timely manner,

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