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i didnt get what i was told i was going to get. Did they ever tell anyone about a 2 year contract?

they didnt tell me. My bill was twice the amount it was supposed to be and every time i called to straighten it out they told me i would get a credit. Guess what, never happened. then when you call to talk to a supervisor, you get disconnected.

Maybe they should change phone companies, they seem to have a problem with there phone lines.

when I cancelled my account they informed me of the cancellation fee and instead of sending a bill they took it directly from my bank account. Guess what, now the got me for about $650 dollars with all there charges and overdraft fees. Rent?

How am I supposed to pay that now? So now I am reporting the to the BBB and my attorney is involved

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Long Island, Virginia, United States #19501

I could've written the exact same letter. I checked my back account today and Direct Tv withdrew $974.00 without authorization.

I called Direct Tv and was hung up on twice and the third time they said they would credit me $780.00 IF i signed up again with direct tv. I too was never mailed a bill because they had the wrong address. I called to fix the address, they said it was fixed. It was not.

When I called AGAIN I was told my bill was for $217.00 for TWO months of service after I was quoted $65.00 a month. I asked them to send me a bill-I have NEVER gotten a bill from them. What can I do-from what I'm reading NOBODY has been able to get their money back. I even have a password on my bank account so how they took the money out is beyond me.

I didn't even sign the equipment agreement.

I have never signed ANYTHING with them or RECIEVED ANYTHING-not even a phone call. WHAT CAN I DO?

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