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This is for the directv *get the customer off the phone qick service rep*.We are rude to you because only way we can make you feel how we do i have a +45.00 balance because i pay my bill ontime and i received terrible service from bluegrass (directech) and 3 weeks later i still don't have local channels.Yes it's not oxygen, but the 250.00 per season and 65.00 per month in programming costs help pay your 8.25 per hour they paY YOU.All i expected was yes we will help you i requested another installer to do my work since bluegrass showed up twice with wrong work order and blew me off 2 other times was the unreasonable?It must be i'm sitting here without local channels, and i was pretty polite the whole way through this.FYI i don't odor movies i can go to .

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Hi I am still waiting for a response from your service team. Please help me out here.

I need a TV. I am hearing impaired and cannot communicate on a Phone. Please repond soon.

Sherry!! :?



My reciever decided not to work this morning. I have been there before, but I must have deleted the info.

Could someone PLEASE help out with this again. I have the screen on the blue, but I don't know where to go from here.

ASAP would be much appreciated. Thank You!!!

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