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This is about Directv

1. I leased? HDDVR at Best Buy for $200. Then I ordered installation of an HD dish: surprise, it requires a 2 year contract. Shouldn't they say so on the box? If I cancel early it costs $20 for each month early and to buy my contract it costs $500 and I don't get rebated for the lease

2. I called for help with the DVR and my service. At the end of the call they said Oh, by the way, this call costs $5. Shouldn't they tell you at the beginning of the call? I've called several times, did some of the folks forget to say BTW?

3. Shouldn't they at least email you the contract you verbally agreed to? Did they tell me the whole deal?

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The red print on the box, the tag by the receivers, the long receipt that was printed out and handed to you plus the acess card that you pulled out to read to them all stated the receiver was leased with a commitment. All things I learned from a best buy sales person.