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direct tv took out $600.00 out my bank account for early disconnect charges when i didnt sigh up a new two year contract when i called them they said y they keep you debit on file and they can take money out when you owe a bill balance with out notifing you i say thay frad and they cant judt go in and take whats not theres and i didnt give them perminish to do so all i did was ask for another cable box to be placed in the garagethey are charing me $440.00 for stopping service and said they would *** the $440.00 if i sign back up with them i think thats black mail so dont give them credit or debit cards and dont sign up with them they are also connected to dish tv same thing

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I strongly recommend everyone that has Direct TV and has a credit card or debit card on file with Direct to cancel the bank or credit card before cancelling service with Direct. There is no other way and It is much easier to cancel your credit card or bank account and get new ones before you cancel service with Direct than to try and get your money back from DirectTV


If you have had DTV past the 2 year commitment what they don't tell you in the small print of all their contracts read carefully.

I added a DVR 4 years in service and I don't know but by axcepting the DVR when I signed for it on the contract in small print it states that I'm also excepting a new 2yr service of contract agreement.

This is the case everytime you except a new DTV box by adding a new one or if you upgraded to the HDTV boxes over the last 2 years.

Just FYI be careful read the small print I didn't and I'm stuck until August 2010

early disconnect fee are 19.99 per month til agreement is reach per what I was told a short time ago.

And yes thel will ask for all Boxes, Dvr's and remotes back or they will charge you 499.00 per DVR - 150.0 per regular box and 250 per HDTV box.

And yes they will charge whatever card you have on file.

On another note it was very sad to see XM-Sirius NO Notice before they made the charge.

I have been a Direct TV customer for 15 years but that will end with this current contract in August.

I have choice plus w/ DVR and High Def and I'm paying 76.00 per month in Ohio the pricing is out of control IMHO.

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