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On 6/29/2010 DirectTV debited my bank account for $800.07. Not even my bill, as my bill is only 64.00 a month.

When I contacted them they were very rude, unprofessional, could not get to a manager. Was told to fax over statement showing charge, did so, even got the name of the person, employee #. Called back to confirm if they received fax, got another rude person. Would not confirm fax.

This time would not even give me his name. I even gave them the persons employee number still would not help me.

Now have file a claim with my bank. I will be cancelling my service with them today...

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Direct TV took money off my visa debit card. I have never even used direct tv and my bank acct is now frozen.

I have no access to my money until its convenient for there fraud dept to investigate my situation. They were also very un sympathetic for their error and better pay me my money back and then some for all the inconvenience they have caused for my children and I

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