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I cancelled my services with direct tv about 3 weeks ago, because of the increase in their monthly bills. Well they went into my account without my knowledge and took out fees that I did not authorize or knew nothing about.

After several phone calls to direct tv, they think it is legal to go into someone's account and take fees if they feel necessary. That's stealing and that is fraud. Bank of America says because i didnt have recurring payments coming out every month that direct tv have committed fraud. At this time I am letting my attorney handle this matter and hope that no one else has to deal with direct tv stealing or frauding their money!

If they can do this, then that gives any company the right to take your money, if you have a card on file, if you are late on making payments without your consent! Thats illega!

Monetary Loss: $70.

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Direct tv is a sorry company to deal with. i was promised a $200 visa card and $72.82/month bill.

the visa card was said to be in my mail box within 4-6 weeks. i asked the customer service man three times if my payments would fluctuate and he said no. i was with them for two months and in the two months my bill went from $72.82 to $84.01. i canceled after the second month and received my boxes to send back within one week.

i have yet to receive my $200 visa card.

i just got off the phone with direct tv and the lady said since you canceled you are probably not going to receive your visa card and if you don't pay we will automatically withdraw it from your account. I WISH THEM THE BEST OF LUCK IN TRYING TO GET MY MONEY.


hmm, with all the negative comment about this DTV, i guess i'm better off without them. i almost signed up but saw this link, clicked on it and voila!, all negative and no positive.

plus that bank thing, nah! looking elsewhere for entertainment.


This one is for the direct tv fans that have left comments if you don't have the money then don't get the service. Your great company took 500 dollars out of my account last week.

Know here is the deal I'm not on the *** direct tv account. I used my debit card a few times for my former girlfriend and when we broke up I personally called direct tv and told them not to bill anything to my account because this card isn't attached to her at all. The customer service rep said she would note that but couldn't take my card off file until another one was put on. Who the *** gave these guys the right to do that.

What a bunch of ***. Hopefully I get my money back and yes I'm pist at my former girlfriend as well.


It is part of the disclosures if account balance is not paid by the due date. Point in case, if you can't pay for the service, then don't get the service. Plain and simple.


I am a former DTV customer and I was not told of any contract! Wandageoorg,Get in touch with your bank and ask them if they will reverse the charges,if the bank does reverse the charges you may have to change Bank acc #'s to prevent recharging by Direct.DirectTV does this all the time to their customers,their contract is often written on the back of a work order in very fine print and noone tell the customer that when they sign off on the work order at installation they are also signing a 2 yr contract and all the other conditions set by DTV. Be sure to ge a tracking # for any equipment sent back,as they will charge for this also.


Yea, DTV did the same thing to me, charging a early cancellation fee, and I cancelled with them because the Sattlite dish was coming off the house where they had installed and did damage. These FOOLS said they would reverse the cancellation fee if I reactivate my service. DTV can go to ***!


I used to work for Direct, I'm sorry but when you signed we tell you about the cc disclosure "any outstanding balance will be withdrawn from your acc with the cc on file" also when the final bill is sent if you do not make the payment within 15 days it will be withdrawn automatically, and that is also included on the bill, you agreed to the the terms, you may not remember because it's an over the phone contract, *** policies I know but you will not win here


even if the account was not set as automatic withdraw???


Wrong, I got my money back. My card was charded for a relatives account that I helped pay for once. 6 months later, 2 days before Christmas they took everything out of my account. I have three young daughters and it was very wrong for this company to do this two days before Christmas without consent.

Report them to the BBB

File a Police Report for theft

File a complaint with you state attorney general

Tell your Bank The charge was unauthorized, especially if your name is not on the Direct TV Account, which mine was not. :x