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I had been a loyal customer since 2006 in April of 2013 I had a call from a Mr. Christopher Halt representing Direct TV told me I had to many receivers on my account ..

never in 7 years have any one told me I can't not add a receiver to my account ... at this point he shut-down my account , he then open two accounts one in a business and one personal .. I had just pursued several DVR's these were shut off .. I had asked the have the DVR's put on the account and *** the Stranded receivers, they told me NO ...

then want me to Return them which I just paid 200.00 per DVR ...

I told them to reimburse me and then I would send back since they were only two week old again Iv gotten a NO ... then they charged me for the revivers and closed my account

anyone have a lawyer that's had some experience suing Direct TV

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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It's doesn't mater.on the cost. They disconnected the DVR's I had just gotten and left on the old receivers all I wanted them to do was swop the DVR's they disconnected with the reg receivers still Activated then I would have sent the old ones back.

They would not do anything for me. Just told me no That Christopher Halt would not let any changes I was with them for about 7years and paid about 5000.00 per year for the services and treated like an *** HOLE A BUMB OFF THE STREET


To own the DVRs it is 600 a piece.... that's why they asked to return them


Let me guess, the usual "I've been a loyal customer since...."I pay my bill on time". Exactly, ALL THE *** YOURE SUPPOSED TO DO!

Duh! I wish I could go to my local TEXACO gas station and give them my loyal customer sob story and convince them that I need free or discounted gas. Won't happen.

Pay your bill, get over it, or go to sucka *** dish network! ????


Seems you bought the DVR"S (or thought you did)for $200 each at Best Buy or online or wherever you bought them right? The sad thing is DirectTV has been pulling this SCAM for years on customers that think they actually bought the DVR's..If you take a close look at the box the DVR came in it will tell you that the DVR is rented and must be returned to DTV at the end of the service agreement. The only thing that paying the $200 dollars upfront does is exempt you from paying a rental fee each month to use the DV'S.


Sounds like because they set up a business account you where using them as a business period if you don't like it go somewhere else

@dtv billing rep

You are missing the point. I was a good.

Costumer my billing was about 5000.00 per year. All ways paid on time.

When Mr Christopher Halt contacted me he set up two accounts. And would not let me keep the DVR's on line which I had just paid for.

About 2000.00 worth and wanted me to return them. I contacted Direct tv serval times about D activating the standard receivers and activating the DVR's and I would sent the standard ones back


I get a chuckle out of everyone that starts off "I've been a loyal customer" are only as loyal as you make your payments...end of story. BAck to your story....sounds like you are being scammed....I would first look at the contract....what does it say recievers wise? if it is unlimited per account....go for broke and bend them over