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Yesterday I called DirecTv to set up an order and installation date because it was my last option. The option I need fast internet for online schooling and the only other internet service for my area which is cobridge and they are in the process of switching to time warner cable.

Anyways I have been calling all day trying to get my money refunded I have already had my service CANCELLED but my money has not been refunded yet and I have been at this since I woke up at 10th this morning it is 11 at night. I cancelled service because they charged me an additional 100 dollars and had no record of it after they told ne no additional fees would be applied then they cancelled my setup because I had insuficent funds for the 387 extra dollars they were trying to fee me for the previous owners bill. Also all the representatives I have talked to have been rude.

2 gave me false numbers to call 1 hung up on me and another questioned my intelligence. I was never rude with them I just wanted my 340 back for the service I never recieved and will hopefully never recieve the boxes never even came in the mail when I called earlier they told me I only had 1 dollar on my account that's 339 lost please do the right thing and tell everyone you know not even to consider directv even if its the last optio they have!

Monetary Loss: $340.

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Talk to your bank and ask if you can dispute these charges from DirectTV.There will be a record of their charges on your bank statement. You will need to close the account or change #'s to prevent them from recharging anything else to your account.