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I called, and after several minutes of navigating the phone tree, I got a customer service rep. She only offered me the rate on line and said that was all that was available.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and after multiple times repeating myself she put me back into the phone tree. I needed up getting her a 2nd time. Again, I told her I wanted a supervisor and got transferred to a 3rd rep. He couldnt help and transferred me to a 4th person.

All of this was an hour of my life. I get the 4th person who disconnects me. I call back and get a 5th rep who offers me $10 off my bill for a month. After over 20+ years as a customer I am buying a smart TV and going all streaming.

Directv doesnt care about customer service. They dont care that people are suffering financially.

They dont care about longevity. Maybe theyll care when millions drop them and they can no longer survive.

User's recommendation: Seriously consider the headache and frustration you will experience if you try to get anything from them.

DIRECTV Cons: Poor service.

Location: 5977 Arabian Court, San Jose, CA 95123

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