Bakersfield, California
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Update by user Aug 07, 2011

This Blog is just my \"Opinion\"....

\"Thank you DRIECT TV for removing the Truth Commercial\"

Original review posted by user Jul 07, 2011

The Truth Truth Commercial is OFFENSIVE AND RACIST. Direct TV will remove this really bad Commercial or I will take other actions to have it removed off the air........

"BAD ADVERTISING" If I had a company I would NOT want any Offensive or Racist content matter for everyone to see in a TV Commercial... Who ever produced this commercial should be FIRED!!!!!!! DIRECT TV REMOVE THIS RACIST COMMERCIAL OFF THE AIR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you watched the Truth Truth Commercial?? Do you not see what I'm talking about??

Reverse the roles and every Black person on the face of the Earth would be PISSED.......

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Commercial.

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Of course this is from Bakersfield lmao


Direct TV is currently running an add (Jan 2014, Sacramento, Ca.) that shows a hip young adult jabbing an elderly man in the face, knocking him down, then leaving the store like a hip guy, as the add closes.

I hope Direct TV is held accountable for portraying such abuse in an "acceptable" and "hip" manner!!!

Those of like mind to my sentiments, please let your voice be heard!!


First let me say that I have been a customer of DIRECTV for over 10 years. At one point years ago, I was a satisfied customer.

However, at this point, I am waiting to hear back from DIRECTV regarding a recent email to Investor Relations, and the Vice President of Customer Service regarding my complete dissatisfaction with the product and service I now receive, at the price I am paying. So, to all you illeterate *** claiming that you will sue Appoloman111, I suggest that you either prove the credentials you claim to have, or go back to school. It is a matter of fact that if the Appolman111's comment was defamatory, it would,it would you genius's, be DIRECTV's decision to sue. I can tell you that you clowns don't speak for DIRECTV.

If you did, you'd realize that 6.32 Billion in profits more than allow DIRECTV to hire their own lawyers.

As a veteran I suggest you channel your energy towards the wounded warrior project. Don't make idle threats, it might *** you in the *** as a terrorist threat!


Thank you Direct TV for removing the Truth Truth commercial. The content of this blog was just my "Opinion..." of the Truth Commercial and Direct TV fix it.. As I'm sure Direct TV is working hard to fix other Consumer complaints..

Thank you.


THE END.....


justin bieber u would like that gayo


The kid should of had his *** busted by me...!


Hello ApolloMAN111. I have just received a summons from an undisclosed DirecTV employee.

Based on the information and my experience as a judge, I see that you have committed and offense called "defamation." This means that you say things that can not be proved or can be deemed untrue and try to pass it off as being true. This can ruin a persons or businesses' reputation. Now, if I were you I would stay out of this or I will be forced to take you to court in a civil court.

If you don't stay out, I will be seeing you in my court next Tuesday. Good day sir.


Hello my fellow comrades. I would like to take this time to let everyone know the intentions of this commercial. Here at Direct TV, our goal is to serve our loyal customers and not to portray racial slurs. If you have been offended by this commercial, feel free to contact us at Direct TV: 1-800-531-5000, and we'll try to accommodate EVERYONE. We are in the process of creating newer commercials that will replace the "Troof" one. Thank you for your patience throughout this process.

Michael White

DirectTV Director


This is what i mean about dem typical white racist crackas. Jerry you best watch ur back



Shut up u dummy. typical blacks


@DirecTV Worker

Nice job kissing the boss's bottom side. When he get's a hold of this ample evidence, he will be forced to pursue in making you the Employee of the year! congrats man!


Whoever said they would not buy our product because of a funny commercial...we don't want you anyway or your problems that are sure to come. You can have your problems with cable or you can join us on the light side of the force.

This really offends me and my co-workers and I'm afraid I might have to take legal action for defamation. We can settle this outside of course if wish or I will call my boss and have him sue for everything you have (which probably isn't much because you can only afford cable.) I will be expecting your contact information in 48 hours or less or I will be forced to take you to court. Good day.

PS: The old guy did not really get hit during this commercial, he had a cramp and fell to the floor.

If you look closely you can see he fell before the young kid even hit him. The clock's ticking...


@datsdatroof dats da troof... troof!!! lolz :grin


dis is da best commercial of da year and should win many awards mos def. it should win all da awards at da commercial awards. finally its bout time my black brothas got back at them racist crackas. BLACK POWER!!


PS: Eat a *** @ApolloMAN111


I like this commercial,and what is so racist about it.I guess the little japanese guy is next.


Great commercial! Props to Direct TV and the ad agency.


Honestly it's just a *** commercial. Just continuing to show more black people acting just like there stereotype.

Only to be known for there entertaining ability and using that as a badg to make themselves feel like they are a bigger thing then what they are. When a black person solves our energy problem or figures out how to offset global warming then il thank them and until then il sit next to Jerry a up there and continue to call them a cry baby race.


The Truth Truth is funny NOT racist. I'm Black and was NOT offend by humorous entertainment and that's the Truth Truth.


I tink dis funna be OTAY for da Krackers FUNNA be tupid DATS DA TROOF TROOF


It seems that the only people that see nothing wrong with this ad are BLACK or RETARDED!! Or both!!

It is a racist ad!!!

I hope Direct TV goes under for this one!!! :( :( :x