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We have had Direct for many years, never paid by credit card. In October, Direct TV decided to hit my credit card for more than the correct amount without authorization. Spent almost two hours on the phone being told that since they had the card number it didn't matter if we had never used it, they could simply charge the card. After talking to three different people; first one said it could be removed and would take 8 days, second one said it could not be removed, third one finally removed the charge..............and then...........

Late September I ordered free local channel upgrade. Told that the receiver and dish would be upgraded at no cost. Not told that the new receiver did not accommodate coax cable. Installer left existing local dish on the roof, left the mount for the existing sat dish on the roof, tossed the existing sat dish on the patio, installed a new dish in the only place that didn't require him to use a ladder, left the existing cable for the old dishes attached to the permanent siding, just cut the old cable in place, attached new cable to the permanent siding beneath the old abandoned cable, took off the door to the crawl space and the teflon washers used to prevent damaging the finish on the permanent siding on the door and lost the washers, did not tighten the door so the wind elongated the holes in the siding, cut one of the coax in the crawl space so the TV in the bedroom and dining room no longer worked, informed my wife that the only way to get the service back to the other TVs was to install additional boxes with additional monthly charges..........and left.

I spent 1/2 a day off, removing the old abandoned cable, caulking the holes in the siding, removing the abandoned local dish in the cold wind. Spent another half day trying to figure out why the other TVs no longer worked after the upgrade. Spoke to the folks at Radio Shack who informed me that to enable the other TVs an RF modulator would be needed in combination with the new receiver.

Spoke with one customer service person and a technical service representative and could not get any where, ended up with a Customer Dispute Resolution person, after another 45 minutes on the phone. The customer service rep said sure enough there were no coax attachements on the new receiver and that he would give us a 3 months free subscription to additional premium channels for our trouble. The technical service rep said the solution was an RF Modulater, that the installers had them on their trucks, and it was at their option. The Customer Dispute Resolution person said he didn't know if the installers had the RF modulators, and he would give me the extra receivers free $6.00/month per TV. After some lengthy discussion, he agreed to send a "certified installer" out, he agreed that the guy that made the first mess would not return and set it up.

The certified installer came out a couple of days later............with the guy that made the mess the first time. The guy that made the mess the first time did not even say hello to my wife when he came into my house. The certified installer changed the configuration of the wiring to the new receiver, installed an RF modulator, apologized for the mishap..........while the guy that made the mess stood there in silence.

.............and then.............

I got an automated call to see if the dispute had been resolved. It was the kind where you answer questions by rating 1 to 10, where 1 is poor. Ofcourse none of the questions asked about rude behaviour, or cleaning up messes. They only asked if the problems with the reception had been taken care of. I rated them all as a 1 or a 2 and got a live body. He listened, kinda sorta and then said that they would "train up" the first installer/mess silence about the mess, the cable, the crawl space door.

The bill for November comes with a $45.00 dollar charge for the second visit, they ask if we want to continue charging it to our credit card, and informed us that next month the additional charges for the premium channels would be on the bill (you know the ones they gave us for our trouble)! My wife got the bill straightened out..........

At present the system is working fine, thanks to the "certified installer". He provided the type of service that would be expected............beyond that the silence is deafening regarding the mess, the additional mounts on my roof, the holes in my siding, the lost teflon washers for crawl space entry, the cut cable, or the intentionally misleading information given my wife, or the rude behavior................and that is my story.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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Easy way to stop that the credit card company and explain the problem ..they will stop the charge.