Tukwila, Washington
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I have called every month for 4 months now trying to cancel the introductory HBO/Starz package. I 1st called a month before the introductory period ended and was told the package would be removed and would not be charged.

I have been charged $47 for 3 month now! I have called EVERY month since April and I was assured last month that 2 of the $47 charges would be refunded. This month, once again, there is a charge of $47, NO refunds, and to top it off the HBO package was removed from our TV 2 month ago. I called once again today and was told they have no records of me ever calling?!?!?

I was also told that I would be receiving.....you guessed it.....a $47 refund but when I requested it in writing this time I was told their system did not allow them to do any such thing! No confirmation #, no email, no letters...NOTHING!

I discovered that our phone company receives a bill from Direct TV, the phone company pays Direct TV themselves and then collects the money from us. It's no wonder Direct TV doesn't give a rip about customer service...they already have OUR MONEY by the time we call.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $141.

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